New Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In the World Commercial Launches October

Dos Equis Launches New Most Interesting Man in the World Ad Campaign

Just one day ago, the much anticipated new advertising campaign for Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” officially kicked off with its first commercial. But does this new actor’s feet give his shoes blisters? Does he bring knives to gunfights just to even the odds? Has his signature won a Pulitzer prize? Have sharks actually dedicated a week to him? That remains to be seen, but in any case, this new actor has some very large shoes to fill.

While many — myself included — were disappointed to see the original Most Interesting Man depart (played by Jonathan Goldsmith), the advertising change up was something that Dos Equis had been planning for some time.

You may remember Johnathan Goldsmith’s character saying adios a few months ago when the beer brand sent him off on a one-way trip to Mars. In essence, the move was largely made to freshen up the ad concept, reach more of the millennial demographic and better pair it with other branding and advertising initiatives.

In fact, while they prepared to launch their new official campaign, they still needed to keep their marketing fresh. In the mean time, they launched a couple of short spots. One such advertisement which was basically a filler, and even featured famed sportscaster Erin Andrews (see below).

However, don’t fret if you’re missing the mystique and intrigue of the first iteration of The Most Interesting Man.

The New Most Interesting Man in the World

Dos Equis (owned by Heineken NV) has made an honest attempt at maintaining the core genetics of what they dub The Man’s “Legend Lines.” This time, however, they’re portrayed by new actor Augustin Legrand. A French actor who also happens to speak three languages. In this new advertising initiative, he’ll showcase his Spanish speaking abilities.

You can see the new Most Interesting Man commercial (first one of the campaign — dubbed “Airboat”) below:

In terms of story line, this new commercial — and the ones expected to follow — are geared towards showcasing The Most Interesting Man’s roots. Essentially how the character came to be so damn interesting.

Given that Augustin Legrand is a solid 30 years younger than Goldsmith, it gives Dos Equis the opportunity to bring in more active, high-energy commercials targeted at millennials. I myself am a millennial. However, I have an old soul. I’m not as easily swayed by these methods as some, but I do want to give the campaign some time to develop before I knock it.

“While ‘Legend Lines’ continue to be the backbone of our campaign, a lot has changed with the rollout of the evolved character,” says Andrew Katz, VP of Marketing for Dos Equis.

“The Most Interesting Man is edgier and we’ve also modified the ‘Stay Thirsty, My Friends’tagline at the end of each commercial. Staying true to the innate brand DNA, The Most Interesting Man can be seen celebrating interesting experiences with his amigos, while enjoying our new Dos Equis cans in high-energy settings.”

While most people who aren’t involved in the advertising industry are quick to judge, the move wasn’t made on a whim. In fact, Dos Equis and the ad agency who helped them developed the new spin — Havas Worldwide — conducted extensive research before running with the new campaign. Based on their assessments, up to 84% of men noted that what is “interesting” to them to day has substantially evolved when compared to just one decade ago. (Study conducted by Edelman Intelligence, February 2016)

Are you a millennial male? Do you think that’s true? If so, in what way? Let us know in the comments.

“The new Most Interesting Man is a man of action. He’s never one to reminisce on times past, which stylistically changes everything. With a faster pace and more energy, we’re reinvigorating and modernizing one of the greatest campaigns,” notes Toygar Bazarkaya, Chief Creative Officer of the Americas at Havas Worldwide.

“In the first full commercial, viewers will also see the Most Interesting Man being joined by an adventurous female travel companion who goes head-to-head with him.”

Taking the campaign’s initiatives a step further, the new commercial spots are strategically placed. Dos Equis has also initiated a college football playoff sponsorship, so you can expect to see some hints of college football dotted throughout the initiative.

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According to Dos Equis’, The Most Interesting Man will be featured in two college football related commercials during the playoff season. This includes the National Championship which airs on January 9th of 2017. These are 15-second TV spots and they are slated to launch November 14th. Keep your eyes peeled, where he’ll, quite naturally host a tailgate in a helicopter RV while chillin’ in the Serengeti. He’ll also carve a cocunut into a football and nail a field goal between two giraffe heads (of course). Because… he has home field advantage, even when he’s away.

Also keep an eye out for new Dos Equis branding. The new concepts include an updated logo, cans and also packaging which have already hit the shelves in most major markets.

More Most Interesting Man in the World Quotes to Live By:

He is allowed to talk about the fight club.

He once won a fist fight, with his beard.

Bigfoot tries to get pictures of him.

Roses stop to smell him.

He taught Chuck Norris martial arts.

Time waits on no one, but him.

The police often question him, because they find him interesting.

He’s never lost a game of chance.

His organ donation card also lists his beard.

The star on his Christmas tree is tracked by NASA.

When he goes to Spain, he chases the bulls.

In museums, he is allowed to touch the art.

The dark is afraid of him.

If he were to punch you in the face you would have to fight off a strong urge to thank him.


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