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Last Updated: 2/03/2017

Below, you’ll find a list of links that lead to detailed reviews of many of our favorite wines. We only discuss wines that we thoroughly enjoy, while at the same time are inexpensive and easy to access. We also only post wines below that we’ve personally tried AND reviewedFurther down the page, you can find a CURRENT list of wine coupon codes and accessories that you can use to get discounts for wines that can be purchased online (where applicable).

Lastly, we list out our favorite (and necessary) wine accessories at the bottom that you should have in your arsenal to maximize your wine drinking experience. Be sure to bookmark this page as it’s updated almost daily with new wine recommendations and reviews.

Red Blends

Red Varietal Wines

White Wines

Current Wine Deals and Coupon Codes

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Checkout our Value Wine Reviews

Indulging in the world of wine doesn’t need to be an expensive experience.  Here at, we believe that good wine should be available to the masses, and we aim to detach the feel of exclusivity from all that is wine.  That’s why we frequently cover great quality value wines, as well as present the best wine deals and wine coupon codes to our readers.

Best Wine Deals from Trader Joe’s

Do you frequent Trader Joe’s?  TJ’s has a unique knack for working with a multitude of Vintners to produce wines tailored to their consumer base.  They are able to craft unique wines, exclusive to Trader Joe’s, at price points that are typically unheard of for the quality of wine you get.  Wines across the grape spectrum, very often for under $8.00, can be found at most Trader Joe’s locations. Click here for our top tasty and value picks from TJs.

Wine Deals from Costco

See the latest deals from Costco — one of our favorite wholesalers for great prices on wine. They also have a well versed wine buyer who has consistently brought in great products from producers around the world, year after year.

Wine Coupons, Accessories and Wine Offers for 2016

Wine Deals, Wine Accessories | Gifts for Wine LoversThe Globe Decanter from The Wine Enthusiast

On sale on Amazon for $49.95 (Free Shipping is currently available)

A beautiful decanter that’s both practical and functional – it truly encompasses the essence of what Winederlusting is to me. Pour your wine into this lead free, heat resistant decanter and travel around the world without leaving your home. The globe spins on its axis, allowing for optimal aeration. Do note that the glass for this decanter is relatively thin, so it’s recommended that it be hand washed only.



Wine Deals - Taste of Purple VINO2 Coupon Code | Wine Glass Review and GiveawayThe Taste of Purple VinO2 Wine Glass – The ONLY Wine Glass I Use

When I first came across this phenomenal piece of wine gear, I was floored. How could a wine glass that fits comfortably in my hand, look so good and be so effective. The Vino2 wine glass encompasses a unique design, with a special notch in the side of the glass that “braks” and aerates your wine while you sip. It’s also a convenient spot to put your thumb! These glasses, believe it or not, can also hold one entire 750mL bottle of wine. Yes, you heard that correctly. They look great, are practical, and the glass is sturdy and clear. You can order the Vino2 wine glass from Taste of Purple at their website and use Taste of Purple coupon code WINEDERLUST at checkout for a 10% discount on these glasses, and any other orders on their site. For a more detailed review of the Vino2 wine glass, click here.

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