This Anciano Tempranillo 2008 Review, Reserva 2008 (aged 5 years), is part of our value wine series. A series of reviews aimed at exposing great tasting wines from around the world. Learn about great tasting wines from all over the world that won’t break the bank.

Anciano Tempranillo Review – Reserva 2008 from Valdepeñas, Spain — Aged for 5 Years

Crafted by Bodegas Navalon, the Anciano Tempranillo Reserva is a sensual and classical tempranillo produced in the Valdepeñas DO of South-Central Spain, which is within Castile-La Mancha.  The Tempranillo Grapes used to produce the Anciano Reserva come from grape vines that are at least 30 years old.  Following harvest, they are then aged in a combination of both French and American oak.  The Anciano Tempranillo Reserva is available at most major liquor and grocery stores throughout the US between $7.99 and $13.  The 2008 vintage is currently the third most popular wine coming out of the Valdepeñas DO in Spain.

Anciano Tempranillo 2008 Reserva Review, Tasting Notes, Food PairingsSo what exactly does “Reserva” mean for a tempranillo produced in Spain?  For the most part, many Spanish DO’s (Denominaciones de Origen), are wine appellations throughout Spain that adhere to several production related regulations that ensure quality and consistency of Spanish wine.  While these vary from DO to DO, they are for the most part somewhat consistent.  Some of the most notable Spanish Denominaciones de Origen include Rioja and Priorat.  The only difference being that both Rioja and Priorat are actually DOCa’s — a step up in quality and consistency from a DO like Valdepeñas.

Anciano Tempranillo 2008 Reserva Tasting Notes

In the glass, this wine emits a deep red garnet hue with very little translucency.  The nose is loaded with bits of somewhat underripe tart red fruit, licorice and earth.  The opening palate is somewhat bright, and not very complex.  There are obvious hints of red fruits throughout the opening and mid palates, but they aren’t very rich in flavor.  The mid-palate brings about some big hints of vanilla, damp earth and noticeable oak.  Approaching the close, we get additional hints of strawberry, cedar and a rigid tannic content.  The finish is lengthy, tannic and smooth.

Anciano Tempranillo 2008 Reserva Review, Tasting Notes, Food PairingsAll in all, this isn’t a bad Tempranillo.  But for me, it doesn’t quite compare to a similarly crafted and aged Reserva from Rioja.  It’s a bit unbalanced, somewhat intensely oaky and lacking depth in fruit flavor.  That said, for the price, it’s worth a try.  For those Tempranillo enthusiasts who are more partial to oak and complexities outside of fruit (licorice, cedar, vanilla), you might very much enjoy the Anciano Reserva.

Anciano Tempranillo 2008 Reserva Food Pairings

Given the additional complexities in this Reserva, consider bold, aged sharp cheeses as appetizers.  Red meats, especially brisket and char-grilled shoulder cuts will work nicely alongside seasoned grilled vegetables.

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