Apothic Red Winemaker's Blend 2013 Review, Tasting Notes, Food PairingsThis Apothic Red Winemaker’s Blend 2013 review is part of our value wine series.  A series of wine reviews aimed at exposing great tasting, accessible wines that won’t break the bank.  Learn about the Apothic Red tasting notes, food pairings and a brief Vintner overview.

Apothic Red Winemaker’s Blend Review from Modesto, California

Vintage: 2013

The Apothic Red blend is an incredibly popular wine.  Regardless of vintage, it’s surprisingly consistent across the palate year after year.  Not only is it an aromatic wine, it’s an incredibly fruity and drinkable vin.  This wine is a seductive blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Very well balanced, and one of my go-to house wines that I’ve never heard anyone complain about.  You can find it at most major liquor and grocery stores (including Target and Costco), as well as online at Wine.com if you want it delivered to your door.  It’s typically priced between $7.99 and $10.99 — a great value.

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Apothic Red 2013 Tasting Notes

Loved the color of this wine in the glass! Not much translucency, it actually has more of a violet hue backed by deep plum and black cherry.  The nose is loaded with hints of violet, blackberry, plum and some grippy green pepper spice.  On the opening palate, the Apothic Red 2013 is silky smooth and velvety in texture.  Smoked blueberry, blackberry, plum and mocha chocolate milkshake come together to form a slightly sweet yet predominantly dry red wine.  The mid-palate actually has very subtle hints of herbs and green spices with overtones of additional black fruit and vanilla.  Tannins are silky and not overpowering as you approach the close.  The ending palate will leave you with bits of blackberry cream cola, black cherry and blueberry over a medium and soft finish.  Overall, this is a crowd pleaser.  No complaints.

Apothic Red Winemaker's Blend 2013 Review, Tasting Notes, Food Pairings

Marinated Cuban Lechon Asado makes for an ideal food pairing with the Apothic Red 2013. Try it alongside a platanito or crisp yuca root. Image and recipe courtesy Chow.com.

Best Apothic Red 2013 Food Pairings

Since this red blend comes with a touch of sweetness, and definitely an excess of fruit, consider pairing this with more savory meats.  The best choice for food pairing is going to be pork.  Whether that’s BBQ pulled pork, roasted pork shoulder, or Cuban-style crisp lechon asado — try pork.  Other great backups include barbecue chicken pizza, beef or chicken teriyaki, or roast duck.  Try penne or rigatoni pasta on the side with a cream-based sauce, such as Alfredo.

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