Bodega Norton Merlot 2009 Barrel Select Review

Bodega Norton in Argentina. Image courtesy Taste of Argentina

Bodega Norton Merlot 2009 Barrel Select review from Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.

Another great wine product from Bodega Norton, the Bodega Norton Barrel Select 2009 Merlot I found to be different from most new world Merlot’s I’m familiar with.  Merlot in general is actually relatively new to Argentina, but does quite well around Mendoza.  There tends to be more pepper, less bold blue fruit, more cedar and woodland spices.

The wine has a gorgeous rustic ruby tint to it in the glass, a medium body and bright red fruit flavors.  It’s aged for 12 months in both first and second use french oak.  Followed by 6 months in the bottle before it’s off to your palate.  It can be found often for under $ 15 at most major grocery and liquor stores. 13,8 % ABV.

I strongly suggest you decant this Merlot for at least 30 minutes before drinking, and give it about 10 minutes in the fridge to drop it to 62 degrees fahrenheit.  It definitely needs to open up.  The Bodega Norton Merlot tastes like a completely different wine once allowed to do so.

Bodega Norton Merlot 2009 Tasting Notes

In the glass, this wine has a deep ruby red hue to it accompanied by tints of rustic red.  The nose is filled with wild cherry, hints of cranberry and raspberry aromas.  The opening palate is upbeat with refreshing acid, cracked pepper spice and wild cherry.  Towards the mid-palate we get refined tannins, dry forest floor, hints of subtle stone minerals and ripe dragon fruit.  Towards the close, the wine maintains a light velvety touch with a low viscosity.  Ripe red berries and currant are backed by soft touches of vanilla over a medium finish.

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