Update: March 15th, 2015 — Andean Sky (all styles) is STILL available at most major grocery and liquor stores for under $5.

Andean Sky Malbec Review – Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina

Vintage: 2013

Andean Sky may be the best value Malbec out there…

I’ve always been passionate about South American culture.  The the music, their style, the language… the wine.  Crafted in Mendoza, Argentina — Andean Sky brings to the table a spicy and seductive red fruit forward red wine.  Something I found at my local grocery store for $4.98.  The checkout lady looked at me like I was crazy while I put 8 bottles on the conveyor belt.  In this review we’ll be talking about Vintage 2013.  Though Andean Sky seems to be fairly consistent year after year.

Andean Sky Malbec Tasting Notes

Subtle on the opening palate with light tannis evident, it quickly blooms into a bright, red fruit forward wine with subtle earth and spice notes. With viscosity a little higher than that of Pinot Noir, this Malbec is mildly acidic and mostly dry. It has a medium finish that maintains strong hints of both red and black fruits. Raspberry, black cherry and black currant…  Yum.

On the food front… Malbec’s are typically paired with beef, pork and lamb and sharper cheeses. However, being that this Andean Sky Malbec is a lighter-bodied, bright red wine — it can just as easily be paired alongside a Sunday afternoon football game. (Trust me… I’m doing it right now).

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Summary: Andean Sky Malbec Best Red Wine for Under

There are certainly fancier and more complex Malbec’s out there —  but not for under $5. This is a rare find — worth stocking up on if you’re looking for the best bargain red wine this year.  This is a wine investment that will pay dividends for months to come.

Where to Buy the Andean Sky Malbec

If you’re currently a Texan like me, look no further than your local H-E-B grocery store. They’re pretty much on every corner. Many other privately held supermarkets are also carrying this wine.   If you find it, the most you’ll pay is six bucks.  H-E-B has it for $4.98 which is the best I’ve seen. Total Wine & More also carries Andean Sky Malbec for around $6. The same vintner also offers a decent Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon at the same low price.

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