Best White Wine for Summer 2015

My pick for best white wine for summer 2015. The 2013 Mas de les Valls from Priorat, Spain. Image captured in May 2015 among the vines at one Cellar Devinssi vineyard in Priorat.

 While it certainly isn’t the easy white wine to come across in the United States, I’m happy to have discovered the perfect dry white wine for the summer time while visiting Priorat, Spain in May 2015.  It’s a pleasure to feature such a flavor packed wine from such a beautiful region.  Here’s a brief review of the best white wine for summer 2015.

Mas de les Valls White Wine, Vintage 2013

It’s called the 2013 Mas de les Valls, and it’s crafted by Cellar Devinssi in the beautiful Spanish wine growing region of Priorat, Spain.  Before I discuss the wine itself, it’s worth mentioning that Priorat is one of only two of the highest quality wine producing regions in Spain.  It’s known as a DOQ, or Denominació d’Origen Qualificada, and wines produced in this region are highly regulated for consistency and quality.  With that preface, let me now tell you why this is the best white wine you’ll try this summer.

Why the Mas de les Valls is the Best White Wine for Summer 2015

Firstly, the 2013 Mas de les Valls is a unique blend of Pedro Ximenez and Garnatxa Blanc grapes.  Priorat is an ideal location to grow both of these varieties, in part because the soil here is of a schist and slate concentration.  This soil composition forces the grape vines to work extra hard to gather nutrients, thus enhancing the quality of juice produced from the grapes.  Not only does the soil composition bring about a better end wine product, it also has a unique mineral flavor attached to it that can only be found in Priorat.

Best White Wine Summer 2015

While I was recently in DOQ Priorat, Catalunia, Spain, I was offered the opportunity to sample wines crafted from 80 year old vines. As you can see from this photo, grape vines here grow in slate and schist based soil, which really forces the grapes to work for its nutriment in this terroir. Thus, wine here is flavor packed and very complex.

Secondly, the Pedro Ximenez and Garnatxa Blanc blend isn’t your typical white wine.  It’s dry, with a high alcohol content and the flavor differential in this vin is fantastic. Imagine crisp baked apples with white pear, thyme and floral aromas permeating the senses.  While being both dry & incredibly refreshing, the best way I can describe it is as a muscular Pinot Grigio.

Buy the Best White Wine for Summer 2015

If you have the opportunity to grab this wine, do it.  Cellar Devinssi is a small artisan winery, so their reach in the United States is relatively limited.  I will populate this post soon with a list of distributors and retailers where the 2013 Mas de les Valls can be found.

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