Condado de Haza 2009 Review, Food Pairings and Tasting Notes -- Ribera del DueroIn this Condado de Haza review, we cover a brief vintner background, tasting notes and ideal food pairings.

Condado de Haza 2009 Review from Ribera del Duero, Spain.

Vintage: 2009

The Contado de Haza red wine comes from a region in which many Spaniards prefer to source their wine.  Walking the streets of Madrid earlier this year, I found it difficult to buy a glass of red wine from anywhere other than Ribera del Duero or La Rioja.  That said, the Condado de Haza is off to a good start being from such a flavor-prone wine region.  The 2009 Condado de Haza tinto received numerous 90+ ratings.

Bodega Alejandro Fernandez Condado de Haza produces a well refined Tempranillo.  If you’re looking for a benchmark depicting Ribera flavor, you need not look further than Condado de Haza.  While the bodega is relatively new (tempranillo vines were planted in 1989), the Vintner appears to have mastered their craft.  The particular vineyard this wine was sourced from offers a primarily chalky limestone and clay based soil.  Thus, a fair bit of minerality is detectable, adding to the a-typical mineral flavor only found in Ribera del Duero.  The Condado de Haza is aged for 15 months in oak, and is approaching its prime drinking years.  This wine should be consumed by 2018.

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Condado de Haza 2009 Review, Tasting Notes, Food Pairings. Ribera del Duero TempranilloCondado de Haza Tasting Notes

In the glass, this wine does not show much translucency, and is of a deep black and red cherry hue with a violet tinge.  The nose is packed with big bits of raspberry, smoke and undertones of cranberry.  Red fruit, especially cherry, becomes more pronounced the longer the wine is allowed to breath.  On the opening palate, the wine slams your tastebuds with black cherry and black currant.  These dark fruits are backed up by a streamlined tannin structure and a myriad of spice tones.  Towards the mid-palate, black fruit and cranberry perpetuates as we get evidence of cacao and a bit of burnt toast.  As the close approaches, additional hints of plum, cold limestone and spicy vanilla sit atop a long finish.

Condado de Haza Food Pairings

Due to the complexity in this particular Tempranillo, we like it with spicy or savory dishes.  It’s an ideal wine to pair with Chinese on a night in — like General Tso’s Chicken or Beef Pad Thai.  Separately, consider going the savory route with either a barbecue pulled pork sandwich, or crisp roast duck.

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