Dreaming Tree Crush Review, Tasting Notes, Food Pairings by Dave Matthews, Steve Reeder, Tom Gore

This Dreaming Tree Crush Review is part of our value wine review series.  Check out tasting notes and the best food pairings for wines like Crush. We’re on a mission to seek out the best, easily accessible wines at great prices.

Dreaming Tree Crush Review by Dave Matthews and Steve Reeder – California North Coast, Red Wine Blend

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Tonight I get to review my favorite domestically crafted red wine.  “Crush” really couldn’t have turned out any better as Dave Matthews and acclaimed Simi winemaker Steve Reeder have managed to craft an incredibility drinkable, black and red fruit forward red wine blend.

Crush is currently the most popular wine beneath the Dreaming Tree label, and is more often than not available for under 15USD at most major food and wine retailers.  Organic and sustainably produced, Crush is sourced from vineyards throughout the North Coast of California.

Dave and Steve wanted to blend predominantly fruit driven grape varietals that really popped with a custard-esque mellowness.  For the 2012 vintage, they settled on a 54% Merlot, 20% Zinfandel, 18% Petit Sirah, 8% Other (mixed) blend.  As Dave put it himself.. it tastes “like blackberry coddler.”

Dreaming Tree Crush Review - Dave Matthews talks wine with Steve Reeder.Steve, “It’s a Morish wine.

Dave, “Morish? What’s Morish?

Steve, “I want more.  That’s a Moorish wine.

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Dreaming Tree Crush Tasting Notes

In the glass, Crush emits hues of elegant blackberry and raspberry undertones.  You can see the softness in this wine before you even take a whiff.  On the nose, we get floral bouquets of violet and rose, backed by molasses based oak and custard pie.  The opening palate is, put simply — very inviting.  Blackberry jam, ripe plum, English pudding and cherry vanilla undertones mix together well and are maintained onto the mid-palate.  We start to get more notes of black cherry cola and soft, rounded tannins as well.  Approaching the finish, a very mild acid says hello while plum and cola hang around on the back porch.  The finish is medium-long and has a soft velvety viscosity to it leaving lingering notes of dragon fruit, more plum and blackberry jam.

Watch a video with Dave Matthews, Steve Reeder and Tom Gore discuss the making of Dreaming Tree “Crush”…

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The Dreaming Tree wine making team is producing high-quality wines that are available to the masses.  This wine has no exclusivity attached to it, and was designed with both the Earth and future generations in mind.  Organic growth methods, backed by sustainable practices — including 50% lighter bottles with sustainably created corks.  All of the paper used for Crush (and other Dreaming Tree wine) labels is made from recycled paper.

Dreaming Tree Crush Review and Food Pairings

Cuban Lechon Asado, aka crispy roasted pork shoulder, is ideal to pair with Dreaming Tree Crush.

Dreaming Tree Crush Food Pairings

We like Crushing on this juice with savory meats.  My first thought runs to crispy-Cuban styled lechon.  Dreaming Tree and Chef Fiona also recommend mojo braised pork shoulder.  If that’s too complicated, barbecue chicken wings or grilled teriyaki steak kabobs with a warm oatmeal cookie and blackberry cobbler for desert.

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