Espiral Vinho Verde Review, Tasting Notes and Espiral Vinho Verde Food PairingsThis Espiral Vinho Verde review is part of our value wine series. A series of wine reviews aimed at exposing great tasting wines from around the world that are both easily accessible and inexpensive. Learn about Espiral’s Vinho Verde tasting notes, food pairings and a brief Vintner overview.

Espiral Vinho Verde Review from Vinho Verde (Minho), Portugal

Vinho Verde isn’t just a style of wine produced in Portugal, it’s also its own wine growing region within Portugal.  Vinho Verde is currently the most popular white wine style being produced in the country Portugal.  It’s typically cheap, slightly effervescent and a crowd pleasing wine.  While there are a number of Vinho Verde styles produced in Porto, we’ll be discussing a refreshing white wine produced by Espiral and available at your local Trader Joe’s in this review.  I’m giving this white (slightly sparkling) white wine a 4.5 rating, considering its price point (currently $ 4.99 at Trader Joe’s), accessibility and flavor.

White wines from Vinho Verde typically are harvested while they’re slightly underripe.  This yields a somewhat elevated acidic content — part of the reason why these wines taste so fresh.  To add to the freshness, malolactic fermentation is often enlisted, which brings about a slight efferessence or “bubbly.”  While malolactic fermentation’s sparkling result became a trademark of Vinho Verde white wines, it is now often added artificially.  This, in turn, helps make the cost of some wines from Vinho Verde a little bit cheaper.  This Espiral hovers around 9% ABV.

Espiral Vinho Verde Review. Tasting Notes, Espiral Food Pairings

Vinho Verde grows at “elevation” in Portugal. Image courtesy

Espiral Vinho Verde Tasting Notes

In the glass, the Espiral’s slight effervescence presents itself on the bottle of the basin.  Watch as small, periodic bubbles float through the mild-straw colored tinge.  On the nose, it’s somewhat bright, youthful and citrussy.  The opening palate is full of melon, lime and crisp Spring morning.   The mid-palate brings about hints of green apple, mango sherbert and lemon-lime sorbet.  Approaching the close, the crisp stone fruit of Northern Portugal becomes evident as bits of ancient schist and slate add some pleasant complexity to the aftertaste.  There is literally, no pain, and only pleasure coming out of this bottle.

Espiral Vinho Verde Food Pairings

Try this sexy and seductive white with itself.  If you’d prefer pairing food with your vinho, there is no better option than grilled chicken with ranch, grilled grouper in mango-poblano lime sauce, or blackened redfish and blue cheese burgers.

A few ideal situational pairings for the Vinho Verde by Espiral…

I’m just going to come out and say that this is my new favorite white wine.  It’s all about the balance of what it contains. Bubbles, Tree Fruit, Minerals and Refreshing Acid.  There’s no way you can wrong.  $50 value in a $5 bottle.  Bring it on the boat, to the beach, or by the pool for optimal situational enjoyment.

Our Score


  • Yon

    I’m a lightweight drinker, so 9% ABV wine suits me just fine. TJ’s Espiral Vinho Verde avoids the excessive sweetness too many low alcohol wines have. Harvesting slightly immature grapes must do the trick. I should probably get a case or two before it disappears.

  • Philip Flood

    Espiral Vinho Verde is one of the worst wines I have had, and is almost as bad as those B.C. Canadian wines back in the 70’s.

    Although not described as such, it is a sparkling wine, but with a bitter, rancid flavor. I bought this at Trader Joe’s and shall be returning it by way of protest as I have never returned any wine before. Even at 99 cents a bottle it would be overpriced and I am surprised TJ is selling such garbage as I have never had a really really bad wine from them before and most have been very good.

    • Hi Philip,

      I’m sorry to hear your experience with the Espiral Vinho Verde was so negative. But I must ask, did you only try one bottle? It is possible it could have been tainted which occurs in over 1 in 30 bottles. We’ve never personally considered the flavor to be described as anything near rancid so I can only speculate what would make it appear so. I would certainly suggest bringing it back to TJ’s and inform them of your experience. Ask them for another bottle on the house and see if it changes your mind, this stuff has been selling out cases at a time.

      • Ruthie norton

        Why am I unable to find esperanza rose at tj? Pls don’t tell me yet another “we emptied the warehouse” story….of course nobody knows anything…

  • Ruthie norton

    Not esperanza but esperal

  • Ziv

    I really like the Esperal I picked up at Trader Joes the other day. Perfect for sitting on the balcony with a friend on a summer night. Not too sweet, not too much effervescence, very nice. I have gone through half the shelf of whites at TJ’s looking for a decent table wine/casual light duty white, and this may be what I was looking for. It reminds me of the Proseco’s that used to be such a bargain and are now approaching $10 a bottle.

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