Francis Coppola 2013 Black Label Claret Review, Diamond CollectionThis Coppola 2013 Claret review is part of our value wine series. A series of articles aimed at exposing great tasting and great value wines that are also easy to access. Learn about the Francis Ford Coppola 2013 Black Label Claret’s tasting notes, food pairings, and a brief Vintner background.

Francis Coppola 2013 Black Label Claret (Diamond Collection) from Geyserville, California.

The Francis Ford Coppola Claret 2013 Diamond Collection is available at both Costco and for around $ 17.00. It’s an extraordinary value for both a rich and complex wine crafted in a historic style.

Before we talk about this wine… ever wonder what a Claret is? Well, we’d like to think that the British decided they enjoyed Bordeaux-style red wine blends so much that they had to give it their own designation.

The fact of the matter is they DID love Bordeaux wines, but they were also fighting against France at the time. The term likely became a common reference to avoid throwing around French words during the Napoleonic wars that began in 1793.

Coppola Claret Review (Diamond Collection – 2013 Vintage)

The Francis Coppola winery touts the Diamond Collection Claret as its most signature wine offering. As mentioned above, the word ‘Claret’ is a British term that relates to wines crafted in a traditionally Medocain style (The Medoc resides within the Bordeaux region of France).

That said, while the Coppola Claret clearly isn’t made anywhere near France, however the flavor is reminiscent of blends crafted within the Bordeaux region.

This particular Claret is Cabernet Sauvignon dominant and backed by Petit Verdot, MalbecCabernet Franc. All of these grapes fall within the stylistic requirements utilized in Bordeaux. In fact, Coppola must have had a preference for the Haut-Medoc, as Left-Bank Bordeaux wines are almost always Cabernet dominant.

The Story Behind the Coppola Black Label Claret

Francis Coppola 2013 Black Label Claret Review, Diamond Collection | Coppola Black Label Claret 2013

Francis Ford Coppola opted to use the now-signature gold netting around this particular wine offering. It’s done in such a way as to signify the quality of wine within the bottle. Coppola wanted to bring about a sense of prestigiousness that used to be present on wine labels in Europe in the past. Image courtesy Francis Ford Coppola Winery.

The story goes that when Francis Ford Coppola acquired what is now known as the Coppola winery, they had discovered some older bottles of wine on the property. Some of which dated back to 1906 and were dubbed “Clarets.”

At the time, the Coppola winemaking team was not familiar with the term, but they soon discovered its meaning. It was this chance encounter with an old bottle of wine that gave Francis Coppola the idea to ultimately make the Claret their signature wine offering.

Coppola 2013 Claret Tasting Notes

This is a full-bodied, rich and voluptuous red wine blend. In the glass, it shows great depth with a deep black cherry and plum hue. Not much translucency here. The nose is filled with aromas of plum, blackberry and black cherry.

On the opening, the nose almost mimics the palate, but expands considerably as complexities of cacao, licorice and cracked spice sit on top of blackberry cobbler tones. The mid-palate is equally as rich, and tannins begin to reveal themselves further over moderate acid and some stoney minerals. Ripe berry notes perpetuate throughout the mid-palate but are rounded off by plum and black cherry.

Towards the close, we get bigger hints of black pepper spice, ancient forest floor, red currant and dried violet. All of these complexities float along a medium-long, smooth yet rich finish.

Coppola Claret 2013 Food Pairings

Try pairing the Coppola Claret with different forms of red meat, lamb or pork shoulder. A personal favorite – beef tenderloin over wild-mushroom risotto, topped with crispy haystack onions and doused in a red wine based butter cream sauce.

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