Grifone Bianco Review, White Wine from Trader Joe'sThis Grifone Bianco review is part of our value wine series.  A series of wine reviews aimed at exposing great tasting wines that are both accessible and won’t break the bank.  Learn about the Grifone Bianco’s tasting notes, food pairings and a brief Vintner background.

Grifone Bianco White Wine Review from Tuscany, Italy

Available at Trader Joe’s for a mere $4.99, the Grifone Bianco is an easy drinking crowd pleaser.  It’s made from a blend of 50% Moscato and 50% Riesling, and despite that both of these grape varieties can be known to make sweet wines, the Grifone is not noticeably sweet.  It is for the most part off-dry, but packs an abundance of fruit forward and floralness that may make it appear slightly sweet on the palate. Note that this white wine is not overly complex.  It’s a simplistic, refreshing wine that’s ideal for a Sunday brunch in the sun.  We highly recommend concocting a white sangria with this particular vin, especially considering the price point.

Grifone Bianco Review, White Wine Review from Tuscany, Italy

The Grifone Bianco comes from the beautiful wine region of Tuscany, Italy. Image courtesy Pgcps.

Grifone Bianco Tasting Notes

In the glass, we see a refreshingly mild hay colored tinge with a clean and clear hue around the rim.  The nose of this wine is floral, backed by hints of honey, peach and pear.  On the opening palate, acid wakes up your taste buds and is backed by some firm melon and apricot notes.  The mid-palate brings about some very subtle hints of stone fruit and minerality, with overtones of spring flowers.  Towards the close, we get bits of white peach, white currant and pear while acid stays elevated and crisp.  The finish is medium with little hints of apricot lingering along the retrogusto (aftertaste).

Grifone Bianco Food Pairing Ideas

Due to the tree and stone fruit nature of this wine, backed by its refreshing acidity, consider both grilled vegetables and light reef fish.  Use lemon and lime for your marinade, and maybe even a bit of Grifone Bianco as you pan sear your fish!

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