Revolution Malbec Review from Mendoza, Argentina.

Vintage: 2012

Sitting at quite possibly one of my favorite airport Wine Bars, Vino Volo at Austin-Bergstrom International airport, I came across the 2012 Revolution Malbec. Malbec was one of the first red wines I ever tried, and I’ve been a huge fan of their rich complexity and spice every since.

This wine has a light-medium body with a bright structure and good acidity. The lighter body was a pleasant surprise, since I wasn’t eating anything with it at the time. The Revolution Malbec is dry with nice tannins, black, blue and red fruit.

Revolution Malbec Tasting Notes

On the opening palate, expect some fresh acidity to hit immediately. This can be toned down dramatically if you decant the wine or let it breathe for a few minutes, but I found it to be refreshing. Black pepper spice, plum, currants and black cherry all become evident on the opening and mid-palate. Undertones of cold gravel and raspberry start to become detectable on the mid-palate and certainly towards the close. The finish is medium-short with some black pepper spice, plum and leather perpetuating.

Food Pairings for the Revolution Malbec

Overall I was pleased with Revolution’s 2012 Malbec. It’s more drinkable than many other Malbec’s I’ve tried, in that it’s lighter and brighter. Recommended pairings include most savory meat and cheese dishes. The spice and black fruit in this wine will accent flank steak, brisket, poultry and pork nicely.  We also like it with tomato based pasta or four cheese pizza.  The nice thing about Malbec is that there certainly is no shortage of food pairing combinations.

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