Albero Tempranillo from Valencia, SpainAlbero Tempranillo Spanish Red Wine Review from Valencia, Spain

Vintage: 2013

This was a pleasant surprise.  100% organic and made from one of my favorite grapes — TempranilloTrader Joe’s continues to bring some unbeatable value to the accessible wine front.  The Albero Tempranillo was a hit for those of us who tried it at our tasting.  Grown at substantial altitude and raised in a primarily Mediterranean climate, the Albero Tempranillo tends to be relatively consistent year to year.  Before enjoying, we recommend decanting a tempranillo like this or at least giving it a few minutes of fresh air.  It’s ideal to chill the Albero Tempranillo to around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Albero Tempranillo Tasting Notes

Cherry translucent and ruby red in the glass, the Albero Tempranillo is playful and lighter bodied.  On the nose we get hints of crisp white spice, cranberry, raspberry and tomato.  On the opening palate, soft undertones of leather saddle, ripe cherry and bright tannins with moderate acid.  Mid-palate, a silty minerality creeps up on you, backed by mushroom, cassis and red currant.  Approaching the close, this tempranillo stays young and vibrant.  With moderate acid and alcohol perpetuating (13% ABV), backed by a firm tannin structure, black cracked pepper and raspberry.  All of this over a medium-long and bright finish.

Albero Tempranillo Spanish Red WineAlbero Tempranillo Food Pairings

I like eating alongside a tempranillo because of it’s unique flavor profile and astringent properties.  With the amount of spice backed by red fruit and barnyard leather saddle in this wine, it very much enhances a braised pork or lamb dish.  I like it better with pork or lamb over beef because I get more complexity in the meat.  Almost like I don’t know what I’m going to get meal to meal.  Beef is more predictable in my opinion.  This spicy wine would also be fun to pair with sweet roasted duck and ricotta risotto.


Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to buy wine.  I’ve had other Albero red wines before, but so far this particular vin takes the cake.  I paid $6.99, and for a well balanced, light-medium bodied tempranillo with many traditional tempranillo notes — it’s a great value.  Sure there are more complex yet calmer tempranillos out there — but the Albero is a solid, consistent wine that works with a meal or by itself.  You can’t beat the price.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments and give it a rating below.

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