Balance Shiraz Review2013 Balance Shiraz Review from the Western Cape of South Africa

Throughout the month of November we’ve been featuring a number of South African wines that span the Shiraz varietal spectrum.  We’re featuring young wines from high quality vinters across South Africa’s growing regions.

Balance Shiraz Review

Today, we’re taking a look at the 2013 Shiraz by Balance Winemakers.  They’ve somehow figured out how to lighten a heady, rich varietal and bring  it down to earth with Asian spice notes and dark berries.  This is a black and blue fruit forward wine.  Well balanced with black pepper and Asian spice.

Balance Shiraz Tasting Notes

In the glass, it’s a deep rich purple, it looks incredibly sexy.  You should have seen the smile on my face when I first poured this wine.  I LOVE deep purple red wines.  On the opening palate, the wine pops with some pleasant acidity, a light tannin structure and a medium body.  The viscosity of this wine is low, which just proves how drinkable this wine is.  Towards the mid-palate, you get notes of crushed violet, plum, ripe blackberry and black currant.  As the close approaches, the finish stays relatively focused with acidity maintained and medium length. Blackberry undertones and light maple linger along the aftertaste.

Pairing the Balance Shiraz with Food

The black and blue fruit-forwardness of this Shiraz makes it fun to pair with sweeter poultry or fish dishes. Honey glazed chicken wings or teriyaki salmon with romano and provolone risotto.  Balance is also a bit lighter than your typical Shiraz, which makes it a more versatile wine.  Experiment with adding some contrast to your dishes with paprika spice, corriander or cayenne pepper.


This is a well balanced wine at a more than affordable price point.  Take a journey to South Africa without getting on the plane.

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