Domaine de la Damase Grenache Vaucluse Review at Winederlusting.comDomaine de la Damase Grenache Vaucluse from the Southern Rhone Valley, France.

Overall, this was a light-bodied, low-viscosity, organic Grenache from Domaine de la Damase. This winery is actually found in Violès, a small village located in the Southern Rhone Valley. All wines they produce are grown organically.

Wines with the designation “Vin de Pays” and more specifically the from the French department of Vaucluse, tend be associated with their terroir. Rather than the various wine making traditions utilized in the region. It’s also important to note that French law requires single varietal bottles which are labeled as such in this region include the Vin de Pays de Vaucluse designation. This area of France has vineyards strewn everywhere. Domaine de la Damase is of notable importance, in that the Latour family of winemakers runs the facility. The Latour’s are one of the more well-known French winemakers of all time.

Domaine de la Damase Grenache Vaucluse Tasting Notes

The scent of this wine is very nice. It’s light and leathery. With hints of citrus and red fruit. On the opening palate, you’ll detect some immediate acidity, citrus fruit and subtle vanilla. There’s an almost non-existent tannin structure, which for some is a good thing, for others it can mean this wine lacks structure. Mid-palate, the Damase Vaucluse Grenache shows evidence of subtle blackberry, ripe pomegranate and moderate acidity. The finish has lingering notes of violet, light cracked pepper, aged leather saddle and light strawberry.

In conclusion, this wine was so-so. Definitely a very drinkable, light-bodied wine, but because it lacked some structure — it’s not for every Grenache enthusiast. Also, bottle to bottle you may notice some inconsistency.

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