Fadeaway Pinot Noir ReviewThis Fadeaway Pinot Noir review is part of our Value Wine series.  On a mission to find the most affordable best tasting wine — that’s also easy to find.

Fadeaway Pinot Noir from Monterey County, California.

Vintage: 2013

Finding a quality domestically crafted Pinot Noir these days for under $7 is becoming increasing difficult.  Luckily, the Fadeaway Pinot Noir grapes, which do exceedingly well between Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo in Monterey (California’s Central Coast), are relatively easy to grow thanks to a consistently cool and moderate climate.  Pinot Noir isn’t exactly the easiest to grow, which is why it’s often more pricy then other heavier red varietals.  The Fadeaway rivals past vintages of Mark West when it used to be around the same price.

Fadeaway Pinot Noir Tasting Notes

This is a dry, light bodied Pinot. In the glass, this wine displays a tomato-raspberry-esque hue with mild translucency.  On the nose, bouquets of violet and aromas of cherry tomato pop with currant.  On the opening palate, the wine is bright with upbeat acid, undertones of guava, ripe cherry and red currant.  Mid-palate we get hints of forest leaves, tomato and very subtle spice.  With the Fadeaway staying light-bodied throughout, mild astringency with red fruit flavors make it feel well balanced.  Approaching the close, light tannins show themselves with hints of pomegranate and red clay minerals.


This is a great wine that can be had for any occasion.  Suitable for drinking on its own or alongside teriyaki salmon, roasted duck or braised lamb chops.  It has enough hints of earth to it that I found it fun to pair with a variety of sushi dishes.  It balanced the wasabi out nicely!  Fadeaway Pinot can be found at any Trader Joe’s that sells wine, and typically for under $ 7.99 (unless you live in Florida, it’s $ 8.99 there).  A bargain, for a Central Coast Pinot that has good complexity and balance.

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