Globerati Cabernet Sauvignon ReviewGloberati Cabernet Sauvignon Review from Languedoc, France and Gers, Gascony, France.

Vintage: 2012

A good value for around $7 and can be found at Whole Foods – the Globerati Cabernet Sauvignon is lighter bodied than your typical cab.  Primary notes of red pepper spice, strawberry and tomato with elevated acid. Globerati is a French Cabernet Sauvignon, don’t let the name fool you. They also make a Sangiovese, crafted from grapes in Rubicone. It’s interesting trying the different vintages across the Globerati lines because they often rotate the vineyards they source their grapes from each year.

Globerati Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting Notes

In the glass, this Cabernet Sauvignon has a fairly sexy black cherry hue to it with a crisp and clear tinge.  On the nose, you can sense the rusticness of this wine.  It immediately reminded me of some lighter bodied Super-Tuscan wines.  The opening palate starts out bright and rusty, backed by subtle strawberry, raspberry, mushroom and tomato.  Approaching the mid palate, some light and rounded tannins give your taste buds an astringent sensation, backed by red clay minerals and mild oak.  The finish stays bright with elevated acidity, crispy cassis and spicy red pepper notes.  The finish itself is medium-long with a spicy aftertaste.

Pairing Globerati Cabernet Sauvignon with Food

Seeing as this is a lighter than usual Cabernet Sauvignon with some good spice, we like it with any Italian tomato based pasta dish.  Ravioli, Penne, Gnocchi with a side of pulled pork, mixed with salmon or chicken will yield the best results.


The Globerati Cabernet Sauvignon is a decent value wine and can be used as a basic table wine.  It’s not the most complex vin I’ve come across, but I do like the rustic tomato notes.  It’s different than most of the Cabs I typically drink.  That said, it’s a good wine for company you’ve known for a long time.  I wouldn’t bring it out if I was trying to impress someone, but it’s a fun cheap choice for a pre-game with friends or to pair with pasta.

It’s also worth noting that these vintages are not the most consistent, as the Globerati Vintners are often sourcing grapes from different vineyards each year.  The winemakers claim they are picking grapes from the finest vineyards in France that have had ideal growing conditions dependent upon the year.  You can find the Globerati Cabernet Sauvignon at Whole Foods for under $ 8.



  • Steven

    On a lark, I picked up a of bottle of this at WHOLE FOODS yesterday and tried it out it with last night’s dinner. I typically buy a more expensive wine, but I’m going to be having quite a bit of company this summer, and need to find some inexpensive “house wines” of good value. I was incredibly impressed. As stated above, it is lighter than a typical Cab, making it a lot more versatile, and completely appropriate for summer. It has the character and nuance of a wine twice the price. I’ll be stocking up on this and recommend everyone reading to give it a try.

    • Tonja

      I just tried it and felt the same wY. From the first sip i noticed how ligh and fresh it was but it still had the richness of the American Cabernets I’ve been drinking.

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