Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda 2012 ReviewZuccardi Serie A Bonarda 2012 Red Wine Review from Santa Rosa, Mendoza, Argentina.

Vintage: 2012

The little brother to Malbec, this Bonarda put together by Zuccardi largely maintains the flavor profile of your traditional Malbec but with a lighter-body and softer, fewer tannins.  Averaging around $ 15 USD, the Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda grapes were sourced from multiple vineyards along the foothills of the Andes in Argentina (hence, Serie A).  This particular vintage features grapes from vineyards within Santa Rosa, which displays ideal microclimates and a sandy soil composition which Bonarda does well in. A fun wine to pair with food, the Zuccardi Bonarda Series A 2012 has some elevated acid and spice, so I would advise aeration or decantation over a few minutes time.  Chill to around 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda Tasting Notes

In the glass, the Zuccardi Bonarda resembles the inky purpleness of Syrah (to me).  It may have a bit more of a deep red ruby hue to it — it looks nice.  On the nose, it resembles Malbec with lingering hints of spice backed by red currant and black cherry.  The opening palate is dry, light-bodied and fruit forward with chocolate and elevated acid.  Transitioning towards the mid-palate we get some sandy minerality backed by cassis, red pepper spice and ripe plum.  Moving towards the close, this wine appears to “rise,” as acid and spice becomes more prominent with additional hints of cassis, blackberry, leather saddle and tobacco.  Throughout the entire sample, the wine is predominantly light-bodied with soft and few tannins.

Food Pairings for the Zucardi Serie A Bonarda 2012

Since this wine is surprisingly complex for a light-bodied Bonarda, and slightly unbalanced towards the close (not a bad thing), we like it with tomato based pasta and meat dishes.  Tomato resembles some notes in this Bonarda, while also keeping acid consistent.  Try with heavier and oily fish (salmon, bluefish), lamb, venison or BBQ chicken wings.

Where to Buy Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda

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