La Marca Prosecco Review, Price, Tasting Notes, Calories and MoreLa Marca Prosecco Review – Sparkling Wine from Veneto, Italy

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Prosecco is a style of sparkling wine classically unique to both Northeast and Northwestern Italy. In terms of La Marca’s method of production, a special somewhat neutral grape variety conducive to producing refined, fruity and refreshingly acidic Prosecco is employed to yield a style of juice that American culture has gone crazy for. That grape is the Glera grape variety. A variety that we’ll be taking a deeper look into on the blog here as the year progresses.

In short, Glera grapes are thought to be native to Italy’s Veneto region, specifically near Treviso where La Marca is still successfully growing and pumping out delicious juice as we speak. In fact, the name “Glera” was only recently acquired, as the grape variety was originally referred to as simply “Prosecco” until 2009. The decision to change the name was largely made in an effort to relieve the confusion between both the name of the grape variety and Italy’s protected designation of origins’ (DOC Prosecco di Conegliano & Valdobbiadene).

Growing the Grapes

Drinking Prosecco, especially from the Veneto region, is literally like drinking history. La Marca grows their Glera grapes on many different vineyards on the rolling hills that surround the Piave River. They are typically harvested towards the beginning of September.

La Marca Prosecco Review | Veneto Italy Wine Growing Region Map


It’s here that the Terroir offers ideal growing conditions, especially when it comes to the soil composition. Made up of predominantly calcareous (chalk, limestone) and clay-based soil, these elements help add refined minerality to the palate in addition to furthering the complexity of the wine — thanks to the ability for this soil to drain water well.

This particular geographical area was once dominated by an ancient glacier. As the glacier progressed forward, not only did it help carve the landscape, it left the region with many of the mineral elements that aid in producing beautiful Prosecco.

Compounded with these tangible elements, the climate throughout Veneto and the hills North of Treviso delivers bright sunny days with relatively cool evenings, further contributing to the complexity of the resulting Prosecco thanks to ideal ripening conditions.

How is La Marca Prosecco Made?

LaMarca Prosecco Price, Taste & Grape Growing Review in Veneto Italy

Glera grapes grown to craft Prosecco in Italy’s Veneto region thrive here in large part due to bright sunny days followed by cool evenings. This climate, in conjunction with an adequate soil composition, have helped make Prosecco one of the most sought-after styles of sparkling wine in the world.

Prosecco is typically crafted using the “Tank Method” of sparkling wine production. Note that the “Tank Method” is also referred to as the “Charmat Method.” This method of production employs a second-fermentation within a pressurized tank (as opposed to in the bottle, like Champagne).

As the tank is pressurized and sealed, carbon dioxide released during the second-fermentation process has no where to escape, thus adding the “bubbly” characteristic that we so know and love in Prosecco.

After the second-fermentation is complete, the resulting juice must be filtered (to remove yeast) and bottled under pressure to retain its effervescent character. Since Prosecco has very little lees contact (contact with yeast during and after fermentation), the resulting wine is predominantly fruity and fresh.

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Today, La Marca Prosecco is considered by many industry professionals to be one of the ‘best-bang-for-your-buck’ sparkling wine buys in the domestic market. Not only does the taste, balance and bubbles found in La Marca help back this claim, they’ve also won numerous awards around the world in various industry publications and competitions.

La Marca Prosecco Price & Where to Buy

LaMarca Prosecco is priced at arguably one of the best levels in its category. It can frequently be found across the United States for right around $12.00 depending on retailer. I’m able to find LaMarca Prosecco at Publix (Southeastern United States grocery store) at a $12.00 price point, and it’s also available at other major retailers, such as Target, and quite possibly your local gas station.

In addition, consumers can purchase LaMarca Prosecco online, from major online retailers such as WineLibrary and even Amazon (!!!!). Note that prices vary, but the plus side to buying this Prosecco online is that you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

Click to buy online at WineLibrary ($12.30 price point at time of review)

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Serving the Wine

La Marca, like most other Prosecco, should be consumed not long after purchase. This is not the style of wine you want to age, as it will lose its signature acidity (freshness), floral and fruity aroma and palate characteristics relatively quickly. It should be served well-chilled, preferably at about 5 degrees Celsius, or 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a good hour in your average fridge, or 30 minutes in your average freezer.

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La Marca Prosecco Tasting Notes

In the glass, this sparkling wine emits a soft lemon and straw gold colored hue, with a clear, pale-medium intensity. The subtle lemon lime color is a good indicator of relative youth.

The nose of this Prosecco is delightful. It’s one of the most aromatic Prosecco’s I’ve tried at this price point. Pronounced and clean, expect aromas of daisies, melon, honey lemon-lime citrus and apple blossom.

The palate is light-medium bodied, refined, bright, refreshing and crisp. Expect dominant notes of citrus, melon, green apple and ripe pear backed by limestone minerality and a pinch of white spice.

This wine is maintains a residual sugar content of about 1.7G per 100/ML, making it an off-dry Prosecco. The alcohol content is about 11.3% ABV.

La Marca Prosecco Calories

One 5 ounce pour of La Marca Prosecco will net you, roughly, 125 calories. That’s on par with other dry and off-dry styles of sparkling wine. Remember that the lower the alcohol and sugar content, the lower the number of calories in a glass of wine. Alcohol content has a more profound affect on calories than sugar.

Food Pairing the La Marca Prosecco

I prefer to drink La Marca on its own, but if you’re looking to pair it with food, this makes for a great brunch Prosecco. Given that there is a tad bit of sweetness to this wine, fresh fruits like watermelon and grapefruit slices will pair nicely in the morning. Equally as impressive, the refreshing acidic brightness of the wine makes it a versatile pairing across a variety of food styles. Try anything from light seafood, to shellfish such as oysters — especially fried oysters with mango poblano and or pico!


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