February 9, 2015

Learn About Old World Wine

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What are Old World Wines?What are Old World wines?

Old world wines come from regions where wine has been made for thousands of years.  They are the wines whose juice speaks thousands of years of history.  The wines that made wine what we know to be wine.

What Regions and Countries are considered Old World?

Most commonly associated with Europe, Old World can refer to the Middle East and the Mediterranean too.  The ancient Egyptians also made wine.  Grown on elaborate well irrigated vineyards, with vines spaced for optimal shade on trellises.  Such advanced wine making skill so long ago I think warrants that part of North Africa be dubbed an Old World region as well.

What are old world wines?Here are some of the most well known Old World wine producing countries:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • Portugal
  • Greece

There is also mounting evidence that fossilized grape seeds have been found on Sardinia.  Predating seeds found in Spain.


 What does Old World wine taste like?

What is old world wine?This is a subjective question.  The common mentality is that Old World wine tastes more elegant and has a lighter body.  With prevalent tannins, complex mineral characteristics less loud fruit notes.  Many wine makers still harvest vines that are hundreds of years old and produce their wines through centuries old techniques.

Most wine critics typically argue that Old World wines tell a story about the ground they are grown in.  They are intrinsically tied to the terroir and wine making history of the region. Which is why you’ll often find Old World wines labeled after their region, rather than by the grape varieties used to make them.



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