How to Travel to Bimini Bahamas | Bimini Day Trip Guide | Miami to Bahamas

Beautiful North Bimini Island, Bahamas. 

This guide discusses travel to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. A part of our travel resource series, learn about the best ways to get to Bimini, along with cheap travel tips to cross from South Florida to the North and South Bimini Bahamian Islands.

How to Travel to Bimini from South Florida

Even though Bimini is a mere 50 miles away from the coast of Southern Florida, getting there is going to take a little more than piecing together a raft and paddling across.  You’ve got to worry about the Gulf Stream current trucking North at over 8 knots, spontaneous squalls, lightning storms and commonly rough seas.

Technically speaking, Bimini is within the Burmuda Triangle (if that means anything to you) – but don’t let that scare you. Travel to Bimini is straight forward in comparison to many other Bahamian islands and the water is largely navigable even to inexperienced sailors.

While there are plenty of pleasantly calm and sunny days throughout the year, the weather is always unpredictable in the tropics. Luckily, there are now several safe, efficient and cost effective travel options available to help you travel to Bimini. Remember to bring your passport no matter which option you choose!

Bimini Day Cruise | Miami to Bahamas | Travel to Bimini

The Bimini Big Game Resort and Marina is a shark-free marina. That doesn’t mean there aren’t sharks here, just that you’re not allowed to bring any caught sharks onto the dock.

Cheap Travel to Bimini

Take the Bimini Superfast

Resorts World Bimini launched their new Superfast ferry in July, 2013. The ship is large, and the company that operates it actually refers to it as a cruise. The 500 passenger, 669 foot, 180 cabin ship also has 6 restaurants and a casino. Travelers can find Bimini day cruises for as low as $49 from South Florida.

There are frequent deals and discounts available at to both solo travelers and families.

NEW! Travel to Bimini with FRS Caribbean

FRS Caribbean has just launched a new service on their boat the HSC “San Gwann” — which can take up to 427 passengers to Bimini as of September 23rd, 2016. This is an affordable method of travel, and passengers can claim day trip prices as low as $69.98 currently. The boat leaves the Port of Miami at Terminal H and arrives in Bimini after a short 2 hour journey. Parking is available near the terminal during both the day and overnight.

The trip is easy and affordable, and the HSC San Gwann offers comfortable seats with two bars on both of its decks. A duty free shop is available on board, in addition to the ability to book day tours and excursions for when you arrive on the island — including kayaking, jet skis, snorkeling, paddle boarding and other activities.

Guests can call FRS Caribbean at 1-877-286-7220 to make travel reservations Monday through Saturday between 9am and 7pm, and Sundays from 9am to 1pm. You can also make your reservation online at

Travel to Bimini by Boat

Charter a Commercial Boat

There are a number of companies operating out of South Florida that you can charter a boat to Bimini through. The companies listed below offer frequent passage to both North or South Bimini.

Hire a Captain

Have your own boat? Skeptical about making the journey alone? Many yacht clubs and marinas throughout the coast of South Florida can refer you to a well-qualified captain. If they take your boat across the pond, cost can be anywhere from $100 – $500 per day depending on the size of the boat you run.  The captain’s personal rate(s) for various duties will also apply. Keep in mind you’ll also need to pay for their accommodation and food throughout the trip.

I’ve hired a few captains I trust over the years for trips to various Bahamian islands. For a direct referral, please feel free to contact me.

Take a Private Boat

The best and most cost effective solution, in my personal opinion, is to find someone with a boat at one of the hundreds of marinas in South Florida. Make some friends by the Hollywood Boardwalk and see if they’d be up for a trip to the Bahamas. Just make sure you do your research when plotting a course across – the reefs and flats surrounding many of the islands pose a real threat to novice mariners.

Travel to Bimini by Plane

Fly Commercial

If traveling by plane is more your thing or you’re prone to sea sickness – Silver Airways flies out of Fort Lauderdale to South Bimini Island once a day, every day, except Tuesday

Ticket pricing will vary depending upon when you book your ticket and for what day(s). Capacity on this particular aircraft is only 34 people, so don’t wait too long! The flight across is approximately 30 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale.

Travel to Bimini via Miami | Best Ways to get to Bimini Bahamas by Seaplane

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Charter a Plane

If you’ve got some money to burn, want a little more luxury and feel like chartering a plane – you can do it through a number of private charter companies.

Most charters will leave from Miami International Airport, or Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport. Keep in mind the only airport on Bimini is on South Bimini Island. If you’re going to North Bimini, there are water and land taxis available to you on arrival.

How to Travel to Bimini Bahamas | Get to Bimini from Miami | Tropic Ocean Seaplane to Bimini

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Fun (But a little pricier) Travel to Bimini

There are two companies that fly travelers to North Bimini via seaplane. North Bimini houses the one (small) seaplane base for both islands.

Tropic Ocean Airways offers flights to North Bimini on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. They also offer a vacation package which includes a stay at the Bimini Big Game Resort and Marina, which will net you a discount.

Miami Seaplane Charters also offers flights to the North Bimini seaplane base. You’ll need to request a quote at their website as this is a private charter only service.

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