5,000 aadvantage miles

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American Airlines recently announced a promotion where Aadvantage members can earn up to 5,000 Aadvantage miles (AA miles) for ordering wines online through Vinesse Wines.  American Airlines actually has their own wine club — dubbed American Cellar Wines.  American Cellar’s is supposedly Vinesse’s flagship wine club.  So how exactly does one earn 5,000 AA miles?

For starters, you need to signup for the American Cellars Wine Club via Vinesse and then make a couple of orders through Vinesse before you can be granted the full 5,000 Aadvantage miles.  American Airlines touts the promotion as follows, but beware of the fine print.  “Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 Plus 1¢ Shipping — Save $116!”

Here are the terms:

  • Earn 2,000 miles with your first shipment
  • 3,000 miles with your second shipment
  • Earn 5 miles per dollar spent with every shipment thereafter

That being said, you’ll need to place two orders.  Which means you’re paying about $85 for 5,000 AA miles at 1.7c / Aadvantage mile.5,000 aadvantage miles

You can signup for the 5,000 Aadvantage Wine Promotion here.  Note that this is likely a limited time offer.

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Some things to keep in mind with earning Aadvantage miles through this promotion:

  1. Once you join American Cellars through Vinesse, your membership will continue until you call Vinesse to cancel your wine club membership.
  2. If you’ve participated in similar Vinesse wine promotions (Southwest, United and US Airways all have a similar partnership), you may not be eligible to receive the 5,000 AA miles promotion.

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