Updated July 3rd, 2016!  This Chase checking account bonus review is part of our travel deal series. We’re looking at unique ways to make your dollar go further through utilizing various checking, savings and credit card signup bonuses to boost your travel balance. These are lucrative signup bonuses offered by Chase in 2016.  In some cases, opening both a Chase checking and Chase savings account could net you up to $500 if you have the proper coupon codes.

Chase Checking Account Bonus Coupon Review & Promotional Offer Codes

Chase Checking Account Bonus Promotions

Today we’re going to look at the various Chase checking account bonus coupon offers and Chase coupon codes used to get them. So far in 2016, Chase has offered $50, $100, $150, $200, $250 and $300 checking account signup bonuses. Additional bonuses and variations may become available throughout the year.
Note that you can also use these coupons in conjunction with a Chase Savings account bonus – netting yourself up to $450 or even $500 for opening up both a checking and savings account. These are some of the best bank account sign up offers in the financial space, and there is no catch as long as you follow the terms when signing up for a new account.

Update: September 2016 – Certain Chase coupon codes are giving new customers a $300 signup bonus when they open a new Chase Checking Account and setup direct deposit.

Read on to find out how to get these lucrative coupon codes. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to learn the terms and conditions for receiving the actual signup bonus from Chase. It’s important you follow the terms to remain eligible.

How to Get a Chase Checking Bonus Coupon

You must be a new Chase customer in order to get a checking account signup bonus. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Chase Total Checking $300, $200 or $50 bonus – if you’ve already had the signup bonus or if you already have a Chase checking account – you will not qualify for this offer.

Ways to get a Chase Checking Bonus Coupon Offer

1. If you’re a Chase credit card holder with a good credit profile – you will very likely be targeted for a Chase checking promotion if you haven’t already. Be sure to sign in to your credit card account online and check the main dashboard for banners from Chase mentioning the $150, $200, $250 or $300 checking promotion. These offers appear periodically in online accounts. Separately, check your brick and mortar mailbox – I’ve been receiving numerous coupon codes directly. You can take these physical offers directly to a nearby Chase branch to signup.

2. Do you have a family member or friend with good credit who’s a Chase credit card holder? Ask them to check their online Chase account, or see if they’ve received any Chase coupon codes in the mail.

3. We’ve spent some time compiling a list of Chase $200 and $300 coupon codes which can be found below. These are available at no cost to you. You’re welcome to use these codes if they haven’t already been claimed. Note that these are in very high demand, so they’re available while supplies last.  We’ve also had some success in changing the last 4 digits of the coupon codes listed below – results may vary.

4. Lastly, Ebay has become a large source of Chase checking and savings coupon codes. These promotional codes are available if you search on Ebay – most sellers aren’t charging too much.

Chase $ 300 Checking Bonus Coupon Codes


Chase $ 200 Checking Bonus Coupon Codes


Chase Checking Account Bonus Coupon Codes | Chase Checking Promotions 0, 0 and 0 Bonus

Methods for receiving your Chase $ 200 checking account bonus once you have a coupon code:

  • The first step is to move forward with applying for a new checking account. You can do this through the link within your online Chase account and then include your coupon code on the signup form. You can also apply at Chase.com/checking by clicking “Open Account” and then selecting “Chase Total CheckingSM.” From there, you can input your coupon code and proceed with the application. Lastly, you can print out a checking account bonus coupon page and bring it to your local Chase branch.
  • Once you’ve opened your account, you’ll need to deposit $100 within the first 10 business days of it being open.
  • The next step is to setup direct deposit to your new account during the first 60 days of it being open. This is Chase’s way of ensuring you’ll be a loyal customer. Note that direct deposit needs to be an electronic paycheck deposit by your employer OR be in the form of government pension or benefits.  The Chase checking bonus offer will be automatically deposited into your new checking account within 10 business days
  • If you’ve followed the above instructions, your promotional bonus will be automatically deposited. You’ll see the bonus within 10 business days after your first direct deposit.


If you plan on signing up for a new Chase checking account that comes with a promotional coupon offer – the account must remain open for a minimum of 6 months. Chase will revoke any bonus offer from your account if it’s canceled before 6 months have passed. Also keep in mind that these bonus offer coupons do not last long. They’re usually only active for a couple of months – don’t take too long to signup!

Chase Checking Account Bonus Promotions & Chase 0 Coupon Codes for Checking Accounts

Eligible Chase Checking Accounts

Most new Chase checking accounts qualify for the $200 signup bonus. These promotional offers are available for all personal checking accounts through Chase. College, High School and Access checking accounts are not eligible for these signup offers. *Note that Chase will charge you a $12.00 monthly maintenance fee if you do not do one of the following with your new checking account.*

  • $1500 daily account balance must be maintained
  • $500+ direct deposit made to your Chase checking account every month
  • Maintain a $5,000 total balance between any qualifying Chase Checking and Savings Accounts

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