just announced they’re offering travel tickets to Cuba

CheapAir Tickets to Cuba announced last week that their development team has amended their booking system to handle all of the flight logistics for travelers looking to visit Cuba. This is big news, because getting to Cuba from the United States isn’t exactly easy. Even with some of the embargo restrictions lifted, no commercial airline is currently providing flights to Cuba either directly or via domestic connections. You first need to travel to a third party country – either the Bahamas, Mexico or Canada, and then fly into Havana from there. CheapAir’s ticket booking service will plot the best route for you to Cuba from whichever city you reside in state-side.

Note that there are some restrictions for U.S. based travelers to fly to Cuba. Please review these before booking your trip and make sure you’re authorized.

Book your flight to Cuba or another destination through here.

Advantages to using CheapAir to book a ticket to Cuba:

  • If any fares change on your itinerary, will refund the difference to you
  • They search upwards of 100 fare options and present you with the best
  • CheapAir is a travel agency – one of their US based representatives is on call to assist with anything related to your trip

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