High Density Foam Roller for Travelers | High Density Foam Roller Benefits

As you can see, I keep my high density foam roller and a number of pelotas on my living room floor. A daily reminder to keep my back healthy.

Why You Should Own a High Density Foam Roller

Travel Increases the Demand We Place on Our Bodies

So why is a high density foam roller ideal for the frequent traveler?

As travelers, we’re always putting a lot of stress on the spine. Whether it’s from walking all day, carrying luggage to and from the airport, road trips, or sitting for long hours on a trans-Atlantic flight — all of this compresses the spine.

I learned through years of yoga that an everyday action (or… lack there of) as simple as sitting at a desk can put our body in a prolonged unnatural position. Years of being in these monotonous positions train our bodies to develop unhealthy postural habits. Over time, we lose consciousness of the poor posture we function in, and it becomes the norm. Humans did not evolve to function this way.

Before we evolved into bipeds, we used to be four legged creatures. Being on all fours puts less stress on the spine — just look at how a house cat moves. These animals are incredibly limber as their muscles are more relaxed. Cats, and many other four-legged creatures move with complete and comfortable agility.

So how can we feel more agile, decompress the spine, improve blood flow to our muscles and get rid of myofacial lesions (muscle knots) in our backs? I started the process using a high density foam roller, though I do incorporate a variety of stretches and yoga to extend its benefit.

There are a number of ways to utilize the high density foam roller in an effort to relax the muscles not only in your back, but also throughout your entire body. Remember that everything is connected. A tight chest contributes to a tight back. Your quadriceps affect your patella tendons, etc.

Keep your new roller unit at your home base and use it in between your travels. You’ll soon notice yourself feeling better physically and more alert mentally. Better yet, combine the high density foam roller with a yoga routine.  The lengthy plane and car rides will start feeling a lot more comfortable.

Benefits of High Density Foam Rollers for Travelers

The isoKinetics High Density Foam Roller comes in a variety of sizes and is affordable no matter which you choose.

High Density Foam Rollers Provide a Number of Benefits

Allowing the vertebrae to have space between each other allows nutrients to get in between, cleanse the cavities, relax tendons and ligaments and improve blood flow. The spine is the main focus of many yoga practices. That’s why the table-top and downward-dog yoga positions have become so popular and a staple in many practices.

The foam roller is a tool to help you bend the spine in the other direction (which is natural). I personally use this high density foam roller from IsoKinetics. There are a number of different sizes, however the 6” x 36” lets me access more muscles at one time. It’s extremely well priced (less than $14), and has eliminated the need for spending thousands on a chiropractor.

Keep it at your home base and use it in between your travels.  You’ll start to notice your posture improve, and in turn your travel experience.


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