Looking for something to help stoke your sense of wanderlust? Look no further than these amazing travel Instagram accounts that we follow to help inspire us to always be on the move. Some of these travel accounts are themed around certain styles of photography, while others are culturally themed and some focus on specific destinations. In any case, the angles each artist has chosen to employ and display their thirst for travel has stood out to thousands. Take a look for yourself!

16 (but not for long) Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

1.  @MissHattan – Creator, Photographer, NYC Living

// fight less & love harder.

A photo posted by MISSHATTAN (@misshattan) on

MissHattan’s Instagram account is a perfect example of a beautifully themed feed. Her photos aren’t just fantastic at first glance, but the compositions she employs evoke a sense of depth that most wouldn’t even notice if they didn’t have a true appreciation for art. The above image is a perfect example of her attention to detail which is congruent with the caption.

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2.  @Winederlust – Travel Writer, Photographer, Sommelier

Heaven does it exist ????. I found it in #Ronda, Spain.

A photo posted by Greig � WSET ???????????? (@winederlust) on

If you enjoy wine and travel, take a look at our Instagram account and see how we let the wine guide us through the world. The account features many photos involving wine with crisp color and epic backdrops. In addition, we feature a number of accounts on a daily basis that inspire wanderlust, photography inspiration and entrepreneurship. Our philosophy is that wine is a hug in a bottle which makes traveling that much more pleasurable.

3.  @DoYouTravel – Constant Traveler, Influencer

Woke up in New York! Sleeping above Central Park at the @ritzcarlton #RCMemories ☁︎

A photo posted by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on

Jack Morris’ travel account on Instagram is on a completely different level than most. Firstly, he has over 1.4m (that’s million) followers. This man essentially lives on the road year round, which his travel companion and partner @Gypsea_lust (whom we discuss below). Not only is their affinity for travel inspiring, intoxicating, and basically the goal of any couple who maintains a similar mindset, but their photos are gorgeous. Most travel Instagrammers these days use filters to better accentuate certain aspects of their photos, and as is the case with @DoYouTravel, Jack maintains a filter theme throughout his feed that is delicately chic and rustic with a hint of retro.

4.  @Gypsea_lust – Wanderer, Influencer

As we mentioned above, are these not ideal couple goals? Her name is Lauren Bullen, and while we have not yet had an opportunity to interview her directly, we have been following her account since its inception. Lauren, similarly to her partner Jack Morris, also employs a chic-style of photo filter and or composition with most shots. This is truly one of the most inspiration accounts that I’ve been following, and hope to one day have as much fun as these two :). Not to mention, Marrakesh is one of the next destinations on my travel list I can’t wait to hit!

5.  @GirlvsGlobe –  Travel Blogger, Fashion Influencer

Sabina was actually one of my very early connections when Winederlust was first getting started on Instagram! Since then, her account has grown by leaps and bounds, not unlike her style of travel. For female travelers, especially those who are into fashion (and guys too who want to learn something), this is an account you need to be following. Personally my favorite part about the way Sabina posts is how her captions make you feel like you’re traveling with her and in the moment. She offers background behind her photos, tips and tricks that gives her account a sense of depth that most other travel Instagram accounts are lacking. In addition to that, her photos are always well composed, creative and very motivational!

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6.  @Sennarelax – Switzerland Photography, Travel Inspiration

Just right now with my dear friends ???? @gasparottorayana @borisbaldinger w/ @doounias What an amazing day ☀️

A photo posted by Senai Senna (@sennarelax) on

As someone who has always been interested in traveling to Switzerland (I still have not been), this account has been one of the drivers that keeps the dream alive. This is another good example of a destination-themed account that focuses on Switzerland as a whole. The majority of the photos Senna posts are landscapes, although he does incorporate a fair portion of city scapes as well. In addition, this Instagram account occasionally fluctuates with images taken throughout Europe as well. After all, a true traveler loves his country, but must also dare to explore new territory.

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7.  @James_Balog – National Geographic Photographer, Extreme Ice Survey

In case you were doubting whether or not these photographers thus far had the credibility to be included in our list of best travel instagram accounts, James is not only a National Geographic Photographer, but he’s also a part of the 2012 Emmy Award-Winning documentary Chasing Ice. Chasing Ice is a must watch journey of James and his team traversing the world capturing what’s currently happening to our rapidly deteriorating glaciers. Through unmatched time-lapse photography and videography, what they’ve found is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. His personal account documents some of what his research is about, in addition to exposing other important issues through surreal photography, such as the recent California wildfires.

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8.  @Ninjarod – Philippines Based, Travel Photographer

Ready to soar into summer ☀️ Sumilon Island – Cebu, Philippines @bluewater_resorts

A photo posted by Rod Ruales (@ninjarod) on

Again taking a look at another destination-themed Instagram account, @Ninjarod focuses his efforts on his home country of the Philippians. If you’re into turqious colored water, breathtaking scenery, and wide-angle shots (many are taken with a GoPro), this is a good account to follow. Not only for photo inspiration, but it also makes me really want to explore the diverse aesthetics of the Philippians and the country’s lifestyle.

9. @Thatpnwlife – Pacific Northwest, Travel Photography & Features

So after recently visiting beautiful British Columbia (that’s literally one of their slogans), I quickly became hooked on everything that the Pacific Northwest had to offer. Canada in and of itself is truly an epic landscape, but so is the Northwestern portion of the United States. @Thatpnwlife — which is also an awesome name for a themed account — features landscapes, aesthetics, community and lifestyle throughout what they believe to be one of the “most majestic places on Earth.”

10.  @Mylifesatravelmovie – Full-Time Travel Blogger, HuffingtonPost Contributor

Alyssa is one of the hardest working people I know and has truly been an inspiration for me to keep pushing with my online efforts to make our website a success. Like me, it took her over 2 years of hard work and dedication for her to actually start making any sort of profit off of her blog. Today, she inspires tens of thousands of people to pursue their dreams. She also acknowledges that it doesn’t come easily, and offers an innumerable amount of tips and tricks to help those who are inspired by her to pursue their passions. Did I mention that Alyssa is also a contributor to Winederlusting? In this article, she discusses a relatively recent visit to Cuba and discusses a number of drinks worth sampling.

11.  @NatGeoTravel – National Geographic Travel Magazine

Photo by @FransLanting “Winged Rainbows” I traveled to a nearly inaccessible part of Peru’s upper Amazon Basin to chronicle the spectacle of macaws who visit certain river banks to eat clay. The gathering of hundreds of these gaudy birds is glorious, and became the centerpiece of my work. But it took weeks of effort to overcome the suspicion of this flock of wary macaws and convince them to accept my presence inside a camouflaged tower blind at the base of this flood-carved wall along the Manu River. They eat clay, scientists theorize, to neutralize toxins in their diet—or to obtain the salts missing in a sodium-poor environment. This area, protected as Manu National Park and as a World Heritage Site, covers millions of acres from the cloud forests of the Andes down to the Amazon lowlands and is regarded as one of the richest regions on earth for biodiversity. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of wildlife and wild places around the world. @natgeo @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #Macaw #Amazon #Peru #Parrot #WorldHeritageSite #Andes #Rainbow #Wonder

A photo posted by National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel) on

Taking a quick break from the influencers we’ve mentioned above, @NatGeoTravel is well worth following if you have even the slightest sense of wanderlust or affinity for animals. The best part of an account like this is that it features a number of professional photographers that span a wide range of specialties, composition and photographic aesthetics to stoke your lust for travel. In addition, their captions are fantastic and detailed, allowing the aspiring travel to delve into the next level of inspiration.

12.  @NastasiasPassport – Travel Blogger, Founder of @Dametraveler

Another beautiful example of employing a chic-filter themed strategy backed more importantly by even better settings and photographic composition. Nastasia’s endeavors go beyond her own personal account, and she’s also the founder of @DameTraveler, which has seen a large amount of success amongst female bloggers, travelers and solo travelers. Keep an eye on this account, and @Dametraveler as well if you’re looking for more motivation to step outside your doorstep.

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13.  @Materas – NatGeoTravel Contributor, Landscape Photography

@evreedayhero showing the perfect blend of balance, strength, and attitude. #yoga #fitness

A photo posted by Stephen Matera Photographer (@materas) on

Another @NatGeo contributor, @Materas is a venture enthusiast currently based near the Cascades. Many of his photos feature mountain-scapes, but also models and other photographers who share a similar mindset. You’ll even get a dose of fitness and or yoga inspiration through some of his photos. Following Materas on Instagram is a great way to get a dose of mountain vibes in addition to some perfectly framed photos that will inspire you to get out there, explore and attempt the same.

14.  @LandLopers – Travel Blogger, Writer & Photographer, Experiential Luxury Travel

My last evening at the incomparable Fogo Island Inn was spent like many of my fellow guests. I put on a nice shirt and relaxed into my chair in the light and bright dining room, enjoying amazing views of the sea as the sun startled to crawl beneath the waves. The sun sets late during the summer months up in Newfoundland, which turned out to be a stroke of luck for me. After dinner I was walking back to my room, ready to enjoy a few final moments in one of the best rooms I’ve ever enjoyed when I noticed the skies outside. The evening had erupted in fiery shades of red, orange and purple and the clouds only augmented the effect, making it seem like one of those doctored photos that so many times make the rounds on Instagram. So I grabbed my camera and phone, ran outside and captured this image. While my time on Fogo Island was certainly more than just about one image or even one moment, at the heart of the experience for me necessarily was my time at the Inn. Instantly I understood why everyone raves about it and why, after only a few years of operation, it’s one of the best in the world. It's about so much more than nice beds or expensive touches, it’s about the spirit there and the service. It sounds trite, but guests really do feel like a part of the community, even if just for a few days. This is so rare and special when we travel that when it does occur, it’s like capturing lightning in a bottle. That’s what the Fogo Island Inn experience is all about to me.

A photo posted by Matt Long (@landlopers) on

So Matt has also been one of my earlier connections through Instagram and a network of travel blogs that I have been a part of for over the years. What I like most about Matt’s posts is that he doesn’t just post a picture, he tells you the meaning behind it. Where he is, how he got there, tips about the area, what to focus on and why it’s worth visiting. Instead of letting me explain what he’s about, I’d rather let him just tell you.

“I am not a backpacker, nor did I leave everything behind to see the world. I am just a normal person who has learned how to get the most out of the travel experience. I’m like many people; I have a house, significant other and even three dogs, but I have also made travel my profession. LandLopers is a reflection of the things I have seen and learned, as well as a place to find information on a variety of travel topics. I want to make travel more fun and accessible for everyone by providing information on how to experience the best the world has to offer.”

15.  @Wonderful_Places – Travel Influencer, Global Features

Capo Caccia – Italy ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@gabrielepht✨✨ . #wonderful_places for a feature ❤️

A photo posted by Wonderful Places (@wonderful_places) on

This is one of the more mainstream accounts on Instagram, but for good reason. It’s one of the earlier travel related accounts, and @Wonderful_Places features travelers and Instagrammers who take photos that fall into their overall theme — photos with the right composition that feature epic backdrops from all over the world. Want to visit New Zealand? @Wonderful_Places has some inspiration for you. Greece? Yeah they have that covered too. In order to be featured on this account, you better take a damn good picture. But the perk of following them is that you can see the best of the best travel Instagrammers in one location.

16.  @MuradOsmann – Founder of #FollowMeTo, Travel Influencer & Photographer

Who needs doors on a helicopter :). #followmeto Hollywood with @yourleo. Thanks to @discoverla @copterpilot @erwnchow

A photo posted by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

Last and so far from least, we give you @MuradOsmann featuring his beautiful wife and fellow wanderlust inspirer @NatalyOsmann. These two have been a crucial inspiration to me personally for not only pushing me to explore the world, but to further my aspirations for developing my photography skills and adapting them to what matters most in my life and the surrounding scenery. The #FollowMeTo movement has been revolutionary in the age of millennial and GenX travel and has basically started a fire that we will not see slumbered. The movement has also spawned a massing of followers (Murad’s alone tips 4.4 million), wanderlusters and entrepreneurs who are seeking to find what this beautiful couple has encapsulated in such a cohesive and beautiful set of images featured on their feed.

Help Us Feature the Best Travel Instagram Photographers

So, you’re probably asking where is so and so and why isn’t he / she on this list!? Well, trust me I’m not discriminating. In fact, we actually asked a lot of travel bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs who’d they recommend for this piece. We’d love to expand on this article, and I personally follow over 900 people who probably deserve a feature. If you think there’s someone you feel deserves a mention, please by all means let us know in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to include them on our ever-growing list of epic travel photographers!


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