The Best Time to Book a Cruise

Best Time to Book a Cruise | How to Get the Best Deal on a Cruise

With cruises seeming to only increase in popularity, the question of when to book a cruise in order to get the best deal is becoming more prominent. With so many resources available online to source information about cruise lines, prices and deals, it’s easy to get confused. Luckily, one of the premier cruise “search engines” and cruise line price drop monitors — dubbed CruiseWatch — recently conducted an extensive study. The study compared and analyzed upwards of 600,000 data points (yes, for real) and came to some surprising conclusions. What they found isn’t only interesting, it could potentially save cruise travelers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if the trend continues.

600,000 cruise price drops were analyzed from within the last few years. After compiling all of the data, both the best and worst days to book a cruise became quite clear.

When is the best time to book a cruise? Thursday

The Best Day to Get a Deal on a Cruise

So what’s the best day of the week to get a deal on a cruise? Drumroll please… the answer currently is Thursday. Which I also found interesting, considering that Thursday is one of the better days to book air travel as well.

Co-founder of Cruise Watch, Britta Bernhard explains that there’s logic behind the price drops.

“Cruise prices fluctuate with demand and supply. Most people do not realize that they can save massive amounts of money by booking at the right time. When a sailing is not sold out, most cruise lines will discount the cabins rather than sailing empty. These price drops can make for some incredible deals. But you need to find them and book quickly,” says Britta.

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The Worst Day(s) to Book a Cruise

Compared to Thursday, nearly twice as few price drops occurred on Sunday. Easily the slowest day of the week in the way of price fluctuations. Also interesting, it was found that Wednesday typically saw the most price increases out of any other day of the week — as many as 34% more price hikes — according to the study.

When to book a cruise | Best Time to Book a Cruise Vacation

“Leveling the Playing Field”

This new data should certainly help put cruise enthusiast’s minds at ease. In terms of tracking prices, offers a unique and intuitive solution. Not only is the service free to cruise enthusiasts, it extrapolates big data from across the web and analyses it through machine learning to discern the best deals. Signing up for the service allows for automatic notification on price drops so you can minimize the risk of missing a deal. It can also look ahead to notify you when good deals are expected to pop up.

“Cruise lines invest massive amounts of resources into revenue optimization. We are leveling the playing field and offering consumers up-to-date technology to make the right decisions,” notes Britta.

Bottom Line

Here’s what you should remember to get the best deals on a cruise going forward:

  • The best day to book a cruise is Thursday
  • The worst day to book a cruise is Wednesday
  • Weekends could potentially yield a decent cruise deal, but since there isn’t much fluctuation you’ll probably miss the window on a deal
  • Keep track of cruise line price drops on

Cruise data points and study results provided by / PR Newswire.


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