Taste of Purple VINO2 Wine Glass Review

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Cheers ladies and gents!  Today I’m excited to review and giveaway my FAVORITE wine glass.  Honestly, this is the only thing I drink wine out of now a days (I’m NOT just saying that).  Once you try it, you’ll see why.

Taste of Purple VINO2 Wine Glass Review – What’s it all about?

Taste of Purple has managed to craft a wine glass that not only “braks” a wine, aiding in aeration, but it’s also a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing design. This wine glass can also fit an ENTIRE 750mL bottle of wine within its walls!

The glass itself has been strategically designed to improve aeration (“letting the wine breath”), thanks to a special notch within the basin of the glass.  This indentation is not only a perfect resting spot for your thumb on the outside, but on the inside of the glass it serves the crucial purpose of punching a hole into the liquid itself.

As you sip and swirl the wine in the glass, the self aerating notch will completely “open up” the wine before it reaches your palate.  The difference is night and day when compared to a traditional, big basin wine glass.  It essentially eliminates the need for decantation.

Taste of Purple also makes several other glass products that are ideal for wine enthusiasts who want to aerate their wine in style.  We highly suggest visiting their website and browsing their practical glassware.  Taste of Purple is also offering Winederlusting readers 10% off with code WINEDERLUST at checkout on ALL products across their website.

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Taste of Purple VINO2 Wine Glass Review and Giveaway

What YOU can WIN

One VINO2 wine glass from Taste of Purple.  A $40 value.
(Note that this Giveaway has since ended, however Taste of Purple is currently offering Winederlusting readers a 10% Discount on ALL glassware items across their website.  Just use Taste of Purple coupon code WINEDERLUST at checkout at Tasteofpurple.com.

How to Enter

Simple.  Just use our Giveaway widget below and complete the following requirements to earn points.  Only the first step is mandatory to enter, but you can increase your chances of winning the glass by completing steps 2 and 3!

  • Step 1: Leave a comment on this post telling us about what scenic destination you’d like to drink wine at with your new glass!  Example: I took mine to the top of the 360 Colorado River Overlook in Austin, Texas!  Leaving a comment will earn you 1 point.
  • Step 2: Tweet about this review!  Spreading the Taste of Purple love on Twitter via the Widget below will earn you an additional 2 points.
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Taste of Purple VINO2 Giveaway Details

This Wine Glass Giveaway will begin on Saturday, May 2nd at Mightnight Central, and run until Sunday, May 10th at Midnight Central.

A winner will be announced mid-day on Sunday, May 10th on the blog and associated social channels.

Note: it is imperative that you get in touch or respond to me if you are a winner so I can get the glass out to you as soon as possible.  Please keep an eye on the blog and consider subscribing to our RSS feed via a reader, or to our RSS feed via email to receive updates.  I will be traveling not long after the giveaway ends and I don’t want you to have to wait until I get back!

Good luck to all who enter!

Disclosure: Our partner, Taste of Purple, was generous enough to sponsor this giveaway and has donated one VINO2 wine glass to Winederlusting.com to giveaway to one of our readers.

Our Score


  • Maria

    Lovely wine glass! If I win, I’ll take this fantastic glass to the Hollywood bowl to enjoy my wine while listening to Andrea Bocelli 🙂

  • Jennifer H.

    I would love to drink a glass of wine overlooking Lake Michigan in Leelanau County. I might bring my own glasses to the wineries there!

  • Yael holland

    I would love to sip from this glass at sunset on the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris with my sweetie.

  • Thank you to everyone for participating! Maria G. was randomly selected as the winner!! Congratulations!! We’re looking forward to seeing the Taste of Purple VINO2 wine glass being used at the Hollywood Bowl, Maria :). Please send us pictures when you do and we will feature you!

    Note that Taste of Purple will continue to offer Winederlusting readers 10% off on their website for ALL of their products. Just use coupon code WINEDERLUST at checkout.

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