Our Favorite Trader Joe’s Wine Deals Under 10 Bucks

 It’s that time again to review the best Trader Joe’s wine deals for the summer of 2015.  Trader Joe’s is a unique merchant in that they often work with certain smaller wineries around the world to craft wines dedicated to the Trader Joe’s brand.  These wines are often of good value (many times under just $ 7.00) and are easy to find at your local TJ’s.  Note that we only post Trader Joe’s wine deals under $ 8.00 on this page.  You have a better chance of getting good high priced wines elsewhere.

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Without further ado, see below for the best Trader Joe’s summer 2015 wine deals & reviews.  These wine reviews range from White Wines, Red Wines, Blends to Sparkling Whites and occasionally Rosés.  Note that we do update this page with additional deals as we find them, so check back often!  (Click on a review heading for in depth wine reviews and food pairings).

Trader Joe’s Red Wine Deals (Click here to skip to White Wine)

Trader Joe's Wine Deals & Reviews Summer 2015 Petit Reserve MerlotTrader Joe’s Petite Reserve Merlot
Available at Trader Joe’s for $ 6.99 ($ 5.99 in California)

Trader Joe’s marketing team phrased it appropriately — “it’s a ridiculous value.”  Crafted in Paso Robles, California, the Vintners who produce this wine had some extra Merlot they were looking to deal out.  Trader Joe’s jumped on the opportunity to help craft a wine tailored to their consumers taste buds at an astonishing value.

This wine is made of 75% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah, and 5% Petite Verdot grapes. Aged for 8 months in French oak, the wine has great drinkability.  It’s light, smooth and contains ample black and blue fruit.  Notes of blackberry, plum and cassis over noticeable undertones of smoke.

Trader Joe's Wine ReviewsDark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon
Available at Trader Joe’s for $ 7.99

This wine seriously reminds me of Christmas morning, and it’s damn well a present for your mouth. Notes of evergreen forest, black cherry, blackberry cola, cacao and cracked pepper spice.

Expect an astringent, tannic feel, blended with black fruit flavors on the opening palate. Towards the close, the Dark Horse Cab almost emits more hints of chocolate expresso and burnt maple log.

For $ 7.99, you get the complexity of a $ 15 bottle. I like to chill it to around 62 degrees — about 10 minutes in the fridge.

Trader Joe's Wine Deals & Reviews Summer 2015 Fadeaway Pinot NoirFadeaway Pinot Noir
Available at Trader Joe’s for $ 6.99

Also available at Trader Joe’s for $ 6.99, the Fadeaway Pinot Noir (this vintage is 2013), is named the Fadeaway because that’s exactly what its been doing. Fading away from shelves at Trader Joe’s.

This wine is born and raised in Monterey County, California.  Thanks to a consistently cool climate, which the finicky Pinot Noir grape prefers, this Vintner was able to craft an affordable and tasty wine.

It’s lighter-bodied, backed by aromas of violet and geraniums — making it an easy to drink wine that doesn’t need to be paired with food. The palate has refreshing acid, an abundance of red fruit flavors, and even hints of guava jelly and pomegranate!

Trader Joe’s White Wine Reviews & Deals

Trader Joes White Wine Reviews, Deals, Summer 2015Espiral Vinho Verde
Available at Trader Joe’s for $ 4.99

My new favorite white wine from Trader Joe’s. It’s slightly effervescent, packs crisp acidity and is youthful. This is a great wine to drink in the summer, and an even better white wine to make white Sangria with.

While “Vinho Verde” translates directly to ‘green wine,’ in Portugal it actually means “young wine.” The palate is loaded with melon, green apple, mango sherbet and bits of lemon and lime. Don’t forget about the stone fruit and cold slate minerals present in this seductive summer vin.

Grab a taste of Portugal’s Vinho Verde region and white wine — currently the most popular style of white wine in Portugal. There is no pain — only pleasure coming out of this bottle. Spending $5 on this white will net you $25+ in value. On my most recent visit to Trader Joe’s, I bought a case of the Espiral Vinho Verde.

Grifone Bianco, White Wine from Trader Joe's. Trader Joes Wine DealGrifone Bianco
Available at Trader Joe’s for $ 4.99

What a glorious find for a mere $4.99 at Trader Joe’s. The Grifone Bianco is concocted with a blend of 50% Moscato and 50% Riesling.

Born and raised in Tuscany, Italy, it’s an easy drinking wine that’s best consumed on a hot summer’s day. Make sure you keep it chilled, and expect refreshing acidity, notes and aromas of melon, apricot, white currant and no shortage of stone fruit.  While it may not be the most complex white wine, you really can’t go wrong considering the price point and how easy it is to drink. A great value.

Trader Joe's Wine Deals & Reviews Summer 2015 LaGranja 360 Cava Brut ReviewThe LaGranja 360 Cava Brut
Available at Trader Joe’s for $ 6.99

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this was a great find. Whether you’re making mimosas, entertaining the ladies, or simply want a crisp, refreshing sparkling white wine to go along with a picnic or boat cruise, the La Granja 360 Cava Brut is a win.

Crafted in the beautiful wine region of Penedès, Spain, this is a well balanced, bubbly white wine packed with tree and citrus fruit. Refreshing pear, lime, melon, honey dew and crisp minerals over some bouncy acid are sure to delight your taste buds.

Trader Joe's Wine Deals - Petit Reserve Pinot GrigioTrader Joe’s Petit Reserve Pinot Grigio
Available at Trader Joe’s for $ 6.99

Another good value, this “Pinot Grigio” also has 10% Gewurztraminer and 8% Muscat attached. The slight touch of sweetness added from these grapes gives the wine a refreshingly tropical vibe.

Flavors of crisp peach, guava, melon and mango over white pepper spice make for a flavor lineup in the summertime. Depending on vintage, we’ve seen some bottles display slightly elevated alcohol on the fish, but for the most part this wine is balanced and a solid buy for the price.

Trader Joe's Wine Deals - Kosher Wine Sara Bee MoscatoSara Bee Moscato
Available at Trader Joe’s for $ 5.99

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you’re going to enjoy this, and the price makes it taste even better.

The best part about this Moscato is that it’s not annoyingly sweet. You get all of your classic Italian Moscato — big honey flavors and tropical fruits. A nice apricot and dragon fruit edginess over moderate acid and guava on a lightly toasted breakfast bagel.


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