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Barefoot Moscato Review, Tasting Notes, Calories & Barefoot Moscato Alcohol ContentBarefoot Moscato Review from Modesto, California

We’ve covered some of Barefoot’s wine offerings before, and today we’ll be taking a look at several of their Moscato wines which should be of interest to those of you who have a bit of a sweet tooth. If you’re like us, we’re always on the look out for great tasting wines that won’t break the bank. Barefoot’s Moscato is a classic example of just that.

Over the past few years, Barefoot has become a household name for many, and on a global scale it has become one of the most recognizable wine brands in the world. Not only is their branding fun, but their wine maker and wine production process has yielded a line of wines — both white and red — that are remarkably consistent regardless of vintage.

A large part of the consistency with Barefoot is likely due to their chief wine maker. Jennifer Wall has been heading up Barefoot’s wine making operation since 1995. That’s a serious breadth of experience across a wide variety of varietals, which have been ever expanding since she took over a couple of decades ago. (Barefoot started with 4 styles of wine, now they make over 30)

According to Barefoot:

“Jen’s dedication has not gone unnoticed. Her wines carry the honor of being the most-awarded still and sparkling wines in U.S. competitions. All said, the wines have received over 2,000 medals, countless accolades, and – best of all – the support of legions of fans around the world.”

Barefoot Red Moscato Review | Barefoot Moscato Wine ReviewsA Little Bit About Moscato Wine…

If you’re unfamiliar with Moscato, it’s a crafted from a grape that traditionally is used to make a sweet style of wine — the Muscat grape.

Despite Muscat having Italian (Piedmont, specifically) origins, it’s an attractive varietal to US consumers in large part because of its versatility in terms of being a solo-drinking grape and an ideal food pairing partner.

In fact, industry insiders note that Moscato is now the fastest-growing style of wine in the US. Moscato is not only sweet, but most variations tend to also have slight underlying effervescence, which also adds to its attractiveness.

Fun Moscato Fact: Moscato wine has recently shot to fame in part due to it being referenced so frequently by various rap and hip-hop artists.

Barefoot Makes More than One Moscato

So now that you have a little bit more background on Barefoot’s wine maker, let’s dive right into what they’ve been up to. As you’ve probably guessed by now, Barefoot is always experimenting with new styles and variations of their wines. Moscato was no exception. Having seen the traction that Moscato has received across the US market, it’s not surprising to see the company expand on this particular grape.

In fact, Barefoot doesn’t just craft one or two versions of Moscato — they make 7 different kinds! At their core, each variation maintains the traditional Muscat sweetness elements, although their surface flavors, aromas and effervescence do vary. If you’re a Moscato fan, there is no doubt in my mind that Barefoot has the perfect version to suit your taste buds.

Below, we’ll take a look at each individual offering, and we’ll also include a link to where you can order your favorite version online.

Buy Barefoot Moscato Online at Amazon!

So this kind of blew my mind when I first found out about it… you can buy Barefoot wine on Amazon now. Click here to buy their Moscato (750mL), and you can also browse for a number of other options by the merchant. Also worth noting — the more wine you buy, the better the deal you get. If you buy a half case, for example, you can save yourself 20% on the total order.

Also note that you can purchase dozens of their ‘baby bottles,’ as I like to call them online as well. For instance, you can buy 24 bottles (187mL) of the Barefoot Pink Moscato 20% off.

Barefoot Moscato Review, Tasting Notes, Calories & Barefoot Moscato Alcohol ContentBarefoot White Moscato Tasting Notes

Barefoot’s traditional take on a Moscato, their White maintains a medium body and is borderline off-dry / sweet. This is a relatively low alcohol vin (about 9% ABV), and is one of the more consistently, highly-rated Moscato’s given its price.

Expect a medium-bodied, slightly creamy mouth feel accentuated by wild flower tones, crisp citrus fruit flavors, apricots, white peach and even some banana. Keep this bad boy well-chilled prior to drinking and you’ve got yourself a delicious summer treat.

For food pairings, stick with lighter spicy appetizers with hints of sweetness. Mango-avocado-poblano fried oysters immediately come to mind. For dessert, fresh fruits, Creme brulee, toaster strudel or sweet sangria will also make for an ideal mixture or pairing.

Barefoot Red Moscato Review | Barefoot Moscato Wine ReviewsBarefoot Red Moscato Tasting Notes

This is essentially their Moscato “Rosé,” if you will. Another highly-rated product, it’s more a more red-fruit dominant, yet still quite sweet Moscato. If you’re more partial to red fruit flavors, especially ripe cherry, tangy hints of raspberry and pomegranate with undertones of orange peel and lime citrus, this is a good choice — it’s slightly effervescent as well.

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Think of pairing it with spicy and or sweet foods, dates, in addition to soft goats milk-based cheeses.

Barefoot Pink Moscato Review, Tasting Notes & Food PairingsBarefoot Pink Moscato

Note that this Pink Moscato is different from Barefoot’s “Bubbly” Pink Moscato.

Essentially, this is a still, sweet take on a Moscato that’s further accentuated by layers of refreshing red fruits. Most notably, we received an inviting blend of floral flavors, topped with a delicious layer of strawberry cream, ripe red cherry, grape jelly and nectarine. It makes for an ideal solo-drinker, or a great choice if you’re looking to make sweet sangria. The best part? You can probably find it down the street for under $7.

In terms of food pairing, (and we’ll be repeating ourselves on this), sweet wines, especially Moscato, pair very nicely with spicy food OR sweet foods. Consider Mexican style tacos with jalapeno or mole-based burritos, Asian-style appetizers or alongside strawberries and whip cream for dessert.

Barefoot Red Moscato Champagne Review & Tasting NotesBarefoot Bubbly Red Moscato Champagne

If you’re more into the traditional fruit tones often found in red wines, you might be inclined to try Barefoot’s Bubbly version of what they dub a Red Moscato Champagne.

Now, we can’t officially call this a true Champagne, since it’s not crafted in Champagne France, but for branding’s sake, we give Barefoot some credit for appealing to Champagne enthusiasts.

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This wine has all the effervescence you’d expect in a typical sparkling wine, however it’s semi sweet and also maintains dominant fruit notes of raspberry, rhubarb, black cherry and hints of blueberry backed by undertones of orange slices. I also like that the acidity in this bottle is noticeable, making it somewhat more refreshing.

Barefoot Pink Moscato Champagne Review, Calories, Tasting Notes, Alcohol Content and Food PairingsBarefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Champagne

For those of you who are into cotton candy backed with some bubbles, strawberries and fresh red apples, this wine is for you. It’s a bit too sweet my liking, but I know many people who do enjoy it.

Especially if you like a bit of a creamy texture alongside your bubbles, I can’t say for sure how much lees contact (if any) this wine encountered during the wine making process, but something within this bottle gives it a unique texture.

Barefoot Moscato Spumante Champagne Review, Tasting NotesBarefoot Moscato Spumante Champagne

Finishing off their line of “Champagne’s,” if you like sweetness and bubbles backed citrus, this is your best bet. This is a light-bodied sparkling wine (available typically for under $10), with notes of honeydew, oranges, tangerine, raspberry and apricot.

What I like best is that despite the sweetness on the opening palate, the wine finishing upbeat, tangy and refreshingly tart.

Barefoot Refresh Moscato Spritzer ReviewBarefoot Refresh Moscato Spritzer

Surprise! This carefully crafted concoction of summer-goodness isn’t a pure Moscato! We believe the Barefoot “Refresh” Moscato Spritzer to be the most refreshing offering along Barefoot’s line of Moscato.

While this wine is still on the sweeter side, the Pinot Grigio does help bring some balance to the palate. It’s got a bit of a lighter body, with refreshing citrus notes, white peaches and melon peele.

As a food pairing, carve up a fresh watermelon and throw it down on the picnic table. This is also a good choice to pair with seafood salads, such as crab, or citrus and spicy pasta salad.

Barefoot Moscato Calories & Alcohol Content

While Barefoot’s Moscato offerings are all on the sweeter side, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have more calories than a dry wine. In fact, alcohol lends itself to a higher caloric content when it comes to wine versus sugar. That being said, since most of the Moscato’s we discussed above hover at around 9% Alcohol by Volume (ABV), you can expect your typical 5 ounce pour of Barefoot Moscato to run you around 125 calories per serving (5OZ).


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