Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Review, Tasting Notes and Food PairingsBeringer Knights Valley Cabernet from Sonoma, California

Vintage: 2013

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After receiving this beautiful bottle in the mail directly from Beringer, it remained in my wine cellar for a few months simply because I wanted to wait for the opportune time to open it. I had heard of the Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet, I had seen it in Costco and even found it hiding in one of my friends wine coolers. Needless to say, the anticipation was quickly mounting.

Last night, we decided to pop a bottle of the 2013 Knights Valley, and it was everything that we had hoped it would be. A classic example of a New World, relatively warm growing season Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma, Knights Valley. We’ll get into more specifics on the tasting notes shortly.

Where To Buy the Knights Valley Cabernet

For Sonoma Cabernet enthusiasts, the good news is the Knights Valley is both easy to find and affordable in comparison to neighboring producers. For the most part, you can find the Knights Valley Cabernet in major liquor stores, and at wholesale stores such as Costco. Better still, you can buy it online, and that’s a good thing because it’s usually cheaper and more convenient than visiting the store.

Prices vary, but expect to pay between $24 – $46 depending on retailer. Again, online retailers such as seem to offer the best prices.

Beringer Knights Valley Sonoma Valley Background


Background on Beringer’s Knights Valley Cabernet

Beringer appears to take extensive care when producing this particular Cabernet. Grapes are sourced from what they describe as “rustic, unspoiled vineyards and unique alluvial soils.” This kind of soil make up, in addition to the relatively consistent climate present around this region of Sonoma, are conducive to producing refined fruit-forward Cabernets.

In Knights Valley, the soil is primarily of an ancient volcanic makeup, which means that water drains well here while the vines extract a degree of refined minerality. The result at harvest is smaller, yet more concentrated fruit, which ultimately yields a more complex and balanced wine in the bottle.

According to Beringer:

Beringer has owned and farmed its vineyards in Knights Valley since the mid-1960s. The vineyard is located in the northeastern corner of Sonoma Valley, and features cobbled, sedimentary soils that are perfect for growing high-quality wine. In 1983, Knights Valley was established as a new appellation approved by the American Viticultural Area (AVA).

Not only has Knights Valley proved an exemplary producer of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, it has also an excellent combination of terrain, microclimates and soils for a variety of experiments in viticulture that inform Beringer’s finest wines and will continue to do so for vintages to come.

Knights Valley Cabernet Tasting Notes

Ahhh… my favorite part… drinking. In the glass, the wine has virtually no transparency, with a dark inky purple core and deep ruby, indicating relative youth.

The nose is fruity, with bits of pomegranate chunks, black currant, plum and some subtle earthy tones.

On the palate, this is a juicy unit. Incredibly smooth on the open, with strong indications of ripe and even overripe blueberry, cassis, plum, black cherry and pomegranate. The mid-palate reveals hints of cool minerals, medium-minus acidity and some hints of vanilla, damp forest floor and eucalyptus. Tannins are not overpowering, but reveal more of a velvety astringency which is quite nice. Approaching the close, evidence of cedar, strawberry, plum and ever-so-subtle cracked black pepper become evident over a medium-long juicy blueberry finish.

Bacon Burger Food Pairing with the Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet

Maple-bacon hamburgers will work quite nicely as a food pairing alongside the Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Get the recipe at Iowa Girl Eats.

Food Pairings with Beringer’s Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

This black and blue fruit-forward style of Cabernet is perfect to pair alongside some very common American fare.

First, I would highly recommend pairing it alongside barbecue chicken pizza. In fact, any meat or poultry dish with barbecue sauce will pair exceedingly well with the Knights Valley.

If barbecue isn’t your thing, consider Buffalo or Beef Burgers with Maple Bacon and Cheese.

Lastly, Pulled Pork Tacos or Spanish-style Roast Pork, such as Lechon Asado will work as equally as epic food pairings.


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