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Sunday Funday Chardonnay Review | Rebel Coast Winery Sunday Funday Chardonnay

Sunday Funday Chardonnay Review by Rebel Coast Winery from Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Sunday Funday Chardonnay Review from Rebel Coast WinerySunday Funday and Reckless Love have been making the rounds lately. And I mean that in the sluttiest of ways. These are the types of girls you don’t want to let go of once you’ve had a taste. Today, we’re sticking with the blonde. Sunday Funday appeared at my doorstep in all her glory courtesy of Rebel Coast a couple of months ago. I’ve been on the road non-stop so my wine reviews have been staggered as of late, but I was finally able to pop a bottle of Sunday Funday on the beach last weekend.

A Bit About Rebel Coast…

Before we talk about the Chardonnay, we spoke with Rebel Coast Founder, CEO & Winemaker Chip Forsythe and Public Arousal Manager Raquel Coranado for little background what makes this unique, millennial-focused operation tick.

Chip contracted the wine making bug during an underage encounter with what he thought was a party bus. Little did he know that his ‘mistake’ would soon yield opportunity.

It turned out that the bus he stepped foot on was actually a wine tasting tour designed to mimic that of the movie Sideways. Not long after, he changed his major to focus on oenology and took it upon himself to learn about wine making any way that he could. That included making wine in his backyard to sell to fellow party enthusiasts. After a number of internships and stints at wineries throughout California, Chip felt it was time to step his game up and enter the wine making business for real.

In December 2012, Rebel Coast Co-Founders Doug Berkett and Kate Seiberlich jumped on the train and the party hasn’t stopped since.

Sunday Funday Rebel Coast Winemaker Chip ForsytheG: What’s the story behind Sunday Funday and Reckless Love?

Raquel: Our winemaker, Chip’s, badass handlebar mustache was the inspiration behind Reckless Love.

Making the label glow-in-the-dark was our sneaky little way of keeping the fun going, and obviously so couples could find the bottle when the lights go off.

The peel-off scavenger hunt on the back label of SUNDAY FUNDAY creates an interactive experience for our fellow winos who enjoy being constantly entertained just like we do. We also put our drawing skills to the test in order to create something fun, original and authentically us. If you’re ever bored, try to draw a pineapple or a flamingo floatie!

sunday funday rebel coast winery couponsIf you could drink wine with anyone, who would it be and why?

Chip: Oh if we are doing hypotheticals here is one, my Grandpa, Dad, Brother and I all somehow all 21 at the same time, and we go out for a night out on the town. I think that would be a riot. But if I had to do just one person it would be Theodore Roosevelt. He used to freaking fight his generals in a boxing ring. Saying things like “How can I expect to lead them if I can’t fight them.” I mean the guy actually went blind in one eye from a fight. Someone like that would be epic to crush beer with.

Sunday Funday Chardonnay Tasting Notes | Sunday Funday Chardonnay Review, Wine from Rebel Coast

The proper way to get down with Sunday Funday.

Like Chip, I too like to share wine with girls. How’s that working out these days?

Ha!  Well here is a photo of my current love life…

Sunday Funday Rebel Coast Winery Coupon | Chip Forsythe

Yep, pretty non existent at this point. I’m glad that I have lots of good friends and roommates to C-block me whenever I am having a good time with an XX chromosome too.

What brushes with the law are we talking about here since Rebel Coast began?

HA!! Ha hahahahahaha haaaaaaa…. Oh how long is this article going to be? Lets just say on a legal side only a couple, however on a criminal side, more then I want my parents to read about. Lets just say everyone on our team has a handcuff key on their key chain, and a local friends number memorized. (Because you can’t call out of the area code numbers from inside a jail.)

What’s a typical Monday like working for Rebel Coast? A weekend?

Honestly most days are not that crazy. We have 10 people hunched over computers most of the day figuring out how to get wine into more and more people’s hands. Now the weekends, the weekends get weird. We are either on the water or riding our motorcycles somewhere.

What’s your favorite part about winemaking?

Meeting people. As a prank I put everyone’s name and personal phone number on ~20k corks each. I did it to annoy everyone, but we get 2-4 phone calls a day from total strangers, and it is awesome. We get to talk to stoked people from all over the country every day, it’s hilarious.

Can we get some insight into future plans for Rebel Coast? Any new varietals coming out? When?

We are working on a Paso Robles Zin (Zinfandel) that tastes amazing. We don’t have a name yet, but each bottle in the case has a different hand drawn label, and they look amazing. Until we think of a good name we are laser focused on Reckless Love and SUNDAY FUNDAY.

Where are the grapes sourced from?

Paso Robles and Sonoma for the Reckless Love red, and Carneros for the SUNDAY FUNDAY and Reckless Love Chardonnay. 

Sunday Funday Chardonnay Tasting Notes & Food PairingsOnto the Sunday Funday Chardonnay…

Let me preface this review up front and let you know that Sunday Funday does not disappoint. Plus… *SPOILER ALERT* — this isn’t a pure Chardonnay, but it’s pretty damn close. Rebel Coast winemaker Chip Forsythe had the wherewithal to incorporate 15% Sauvignon Blanc, 2% Viognier in this blend. Which, if you know me, Viognier is my favorite white variety.

Sunday Funday Tasting Notes

For starters, it’s an un-oaked Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc / Viognier blend — my personal preference when sampling any chard-dominant vin. Aromas of light tropical fruit, mangos and white peach travel down neurotransmitters to prepare the taste buds. 

Medium in body, the Sunday Funday blend is well balanced with moderate acidity and a tropical dominance. On the opening palate, expect a wave of refreshment through cool, soft clay mineral tones alongside hints of apricot and pear. The palate progresses and elevates further with gushing green apple, pineapple and peach smoothie.

Throughout the fruit basket of a palate, this wine isn’t sweet. It’s dry, and the acidity makes it an incredibly pleasant accompaniment to mango-poblano mahimahi tacos. Approaching the close a refreshing tree and citrus fruit blast calms the tongue and preps you for another chug… I mean sip, kids.

Take Her Home

Rebel Coast Winery Sunday Funday Chardonnay WineGive the Sunday Funday Chardonnay, or any of Rebel Coast’s wine offerings a try. The juice is fantastic and Rebel Coast has by far incorporated the most fun marketing strategy I’ve come across when it comes to wine. Their message is why I’ll continue to buy from them. Wine doesn’t need to be tied to any form of exclusivity, and it certainly doesn’t need to be expensive. That’s why Rebel Coast is offering a 20% off coupon on any of their products — just use coupon code SPRTANML. Help them help us make wine fun again.


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