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Invetro Toscana Review from Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy

Invetro Toscana Review | Bacci Renieri Invetro Toscana 2011 Review

The Bacci Renieri Estate Winery is located in the both beautiful and tasty region of Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy. Image courtesy Bacci Wines.

Vintage: 2011

Finally… a decent Super Tuscan that doesn’t cost $100. I found this bad boy at my local Total Wine, and we sampled it among several other flavorful contenders at a recent wine tasting. Given the price, accessibility and flavor of the Renieri Invetro Toscana, we feel this is a great buy for IGT enthusiasts not looking to spend a lot. Depending on the merchant, it’s priced anywhere between $13.00 and $19.00.

This particular IGT falls under the ‘Bacci’ brand name, and grapes are harvested for the Invetro Toscana at the Renieri tenuta (estate winery), Renieri di Montalcino vineyard. Grapes are harvested in September from vines that average 15 years of age. 

The Renieri Invetro Toscana is a carefully melded blend of the traditional Montalcino variety, 50% Sangiovese, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and  25% Merlot. The inclusion of Cab and Merlot is a stylistic approach typical of many quality Super Tuscan’s. All three varieties thrive in a volcanic based soil composition with no shortage of limestone and red clay.

Invetro Toscana Review 2011 IGT

Calcareous soil mixed with forms of red clay and schist type rock is typical of the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG appellation within Tuscany. This image was taken on the Bacci, Renieri vineyard properly. Image courtesy Bacci Wines.

Serving the Invetro Toscana

Serve this beauty up to your guests chilled to around 61 degrees (20-25 minutes in the fridge). Let it breathe for 20 minutes or so in a decanter.

Bacci Renieri Invetro Toscana Tasting Notes

In the glass, this IGT sits pretty with a beautiful ruby red and ripe cherry hue and some elegantly long legs (14% ABV). The aroma is nice with leather undertones, evidence of spicebox and black cherry.

Getting to the palate we find that this is a medium-full bodied red wine. The opening palate emits your classic hints of Brunello. Ripe raspberry, cherry tomato and refreshing acidity turn those salivating glands on. Moving closer to the mid-palate the palate gets a bit richer, with evidence of plum, tobacco, blackcherry and some damp earth reminiscent of forest oak leaves. The close is my favorite part. Big chunks of cacao, firm tannins (thank you Brunello), subtle chalk and vanilla all sit beneath a blackcherry and red currant, dry finish. The finish itself is medium and should linger for a couple of minutes.

Bacci Renieri Invetro Toscana Food Pairing

A solid choice if you don’t want to eat meat, try pairing the Invetro Toscana alongside Parmesean Crusted Tilapia with Tomato Basil Cream Sauce. Image courtesy LifesAmbrosia.

Invetro Toscana Food Pairing Ideas

This is a fun table wine that makes for a flexible food pairing candidate. Serve up your favorite spicy style of chicken penne alla vodka or tomato based rigatoni. Don’t be afraid to stir in some 80/20 ground beef with worcestershire sauce.

If you want to skip the chicken and beef, try out this Parmesean Crusted Tilapia with Tomato Basil Cream Sauce recipe.

Ultimately, any dish you decide will pair best with the Invetro if you’re able to include tomatoes, onions and or red bell peppers.

Try aged cheddar for a cheese pairing, like this tasty Canadian block from Boar’s Head aged for 1000 days.

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