Charles Tyrand Elegance Rouge Review | Tasting Notes Tyrand Elegance Rouge 2012This review is part of our value wine series. Discover wine making details, tasting notes, food pairings and more about a variety of wines that are easy to access and don’t cost too much.

2012 Charles Tyrand Elegance Rouge Review from Cotes du Rhone, France

Vintage: 2012

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From the first moment that this vin hit my lips I was entranced. There are a huge variety of red wine blends that come from Cotes du Rhone, and I can honestly say that most of them don’t have the balance on complexity that they should given the stringent wine making regulations and gorgeous Terroir throughout the appellation. It was an extremely pleasant surprise to discover that the Tyrand Elegance Rouge exemplifies all that a delicious Rhone blend should be. Better yet, it’s affordable.

Available for under $20 EXCLUSIVELY through my good friends at Quigly Fine Wines, a San Diego based importer, the Elegance Rouge embodies a flavor and balance that can’t be found at your local wine store. Give Quigly a call at 619.795.7043 to discuss the Tyrand and a number of their other great offerings. Wine consultant Ashlee McRae (who is also a contributor here at Winederlusting), will be more than happy to help pair you with a delicious bottle!

All About the Tyrand Elegance Rouge

Concocted in a masterful fashion, this red wine is a carefully intertwined blend of 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah and 20% Cinsault. All of these varieties are classic Rhone varietals that thrive in the Cotes (a French term for Hills) region. Notably, this wine gets all of its flavor directly from the varietals themselves. No oak aging is employed during the fermentation OR aging process.

This is a limited production wine (which is why it tastes so good), at only 300 cases.

Wine producer Charles Tyrand has a boutique operation near Seguret, France. He owns a number of vineyards dotted throughout both the Cotes du Rhone and Cotes du Rhone Villages appellations. From a geographical perspective, both of these regions are located within Southern Rhone. Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault do particularly well here given the climate (hot-humid summers) and soil makeup throughout the area — they’re all classic, well known Southern Rhone grape varieties. To top it off, no pesticides are utilized on any of the vineyard properties, making this a very clean, mouth-watering red wine.

Tyrand Elegance Rouge Tasting Notes

In the glass, this wine emits a gorgeous ruby red color with focused depth and clarity. The nose pops with rhubarb, raspberry, soft leather and damp violet floral aromas.

On the palate, the Elegance Rouge is just that. Elegant. It adheres to the classic premium Southern Rhone style in that it brings to the table a rich and complex flavor while at the same time remaining easy-drinking. This wine is for the most part medium-bodied and opens with a beautiful velvety tannin texture. Red currant, cassis leaf, refreshingly smooth acidity and a delectable touch of rock rose invade the taste buds. Cool, stony minerals become detectable as the wine advances across the palate backed with raspberry and blackberry towards the close. This beautifully balanced vin leaves you with a medium-long finish.

Tyrand Elegance Rouge Review 2012

Crispy roasted chicken makes for a perfect pairing alongside the Tyrand Elegance Rouge. Image courtesy All Recipes.

Food Pairing Ideas to Consider

Classic, oven-roasted chicken done over a maple glaze is surefire way to keep your guests coming back if you pair it with the Elegance Rouge. On the seafood front, go with a heavier-bodied fish such as Salmon or Swordfish and don’t shy away from cracked pepper spice or teriyaki sauce. Savory roasted or pulled pork with subtle citrus braising and cracked black pepper will also work nicely. If you’re looking for a meat pairing, go with leaner cuts of beef or bison hamburgers.


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