Best Wineries in Long Island

The hustle and bustle of New York City is simply mesmerizing. People travel from around the world just to experience the energy it gives off. But those who work day to day on those streets are more than familiar with the moniker “the city that never sleeps.”

So where do you go when you need to get out of the city and experience some R&R? Why not take a short trip up to the Long Island Wine Region!

Long Island is filled with quaint towns and picturesque houses. But it’s also home to some renowned wineries. These wineries are scattered between the North and South Forks of the Island. So how do you know which are worth the trip? Take a look at our top 5 must see Long Island Wineries and start planning your next trip!

Raphael Winery - North Fork Long Island

Inside Raphael Winery on Long Island’s North Fork. Image courtesy Inside Business NYC.

Long Island Wineries Map - North Fork of Long Island

Take a look at a map of Long Island Wineries along the island’s North Fork, courtesy of North Cork. Click to enlarge.

North Fork Long Island Wineries

Raphael’s Winery

Raphael Winery will make you feel like you’ve somehow transported from Long Island to a Tuscan Villa. The Winery is simply stunning.

When you walk in, you’ll see a round tasting room dotted by twinkle lights that overlooks sprawling vineyards. It’s not a surprise this winery is booked solid during wedding season! If the atmosphere wasn’t enough, the wines are lovely and the people (it’s family owned and operated) are even lovelier.  Try the 2015 Chardonnay!

Tasting the Chardonnay at Raphael Winery | Best Wineries in Long Island

Tasting the Chardonnay at Raphael Winery amongst the vines.

Wineries in Long Island - Lieb Cellars

Lieb Cellars

Lieb Cellar’s tasting room is delightfully relaxing. No stuffy air of pretentious wine lovers here. The winery has a branch called Bridge Lane Wines, which specializes in serving their wines in Bottles, Boxes, and Kegs: The perfect equation for any summertime get together with friends.

They describe these wines as “fruit forward, food friendly, and at a lower price.” With lots of events, including a Rose Crawl, and regular visits by food trucks, this winery is worth a visit. Try the Sparkling Rose!

Sparkling Pointe Winery - Wineries on Long Island's North Fork


Sparkling Pointe

What else can we say about Sparkling Pointe!? It’s a constant party. The owners, Tom and Cynthia, are fascinating lawyers turned wine makers who love Brazilian culture and host their own carnival every year.

The sparkling wines are complex, unique and delicious. Put simply, we want to move in here and never return to our real lives. Seriously, Tom and Cynthia, are you interested in adopting a traveling penniless blogger? Think about it! In the interim, go visit Sparkling Pointe and try their 2013 Brut Rose.

South Fork Long Island Wineries

Channing Daughter's Winery on Long Island South Fork

Channing Daughters Winery

Channing Daughters is a very uncommon winery. This is not the kind of place to sit with a picnic blanket, have lunch and listen to live music. But if you want to do some serious tastings and meet some seriously cool people, this is the winery for you.

The owner, Chris Tracy, is truly a visionary. His experimentation, from Orange Wines to creating seasonal Vermouth’s from the product of the land, is ever changing and fascinating.

Separately, if you’re interested in Italian wines, you’ll want to check out Channing. Wines grown and produced here mirror the Italian growing season and varietals around regions in Northern Italy with comparable climates.

Wolffer Estate Winery in Long Island, New York

Wolffer Estate

Wolffer Estate’s outside patio is nothing short of breathtaking. We spent a sun soaked afternoon there and we did not want to leave! Rustic tables are scattered along a large open air patio that overlooks their sprawling vines. Vines that horses happen to meander through pretty regularly!

If you’re looking for a winery that cares about the environment it resides in, Wolffer is for you! Their sustainable farming practices are extensive. At the same time, if you’re just looking for a beautiful winery with good wines and live music on the weekends, they do that too!

Their Summer in a Bottle is a staple at all Taste of Purple parties now. It’s crisp, light and the bottle is pretty enough to display long after the wine is gone. That’s our definite recommendation for this winery.

Bottom Line

These 5 Long Island wineries should keep you more than content. After all, we usually don’t recommend over 3 wineries per day, especially if you need to return to the city for work on Monday! Enjoy, and please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Sipping!


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