Editor’s Note: This article is part of our wine and travel deal series which covers unique and in some cases exclusive ways to save money on both wine and wine-related travel. Today’, we’re covering free wine tasting in Sonoma County and Woodinville by using Visa Signature & Visa Infinite credit cards.

Free Wine Tasting in Sonoma and Woodinville with Visa Signature and Visa Infinite Credit Cards

Sonoma Valley Complimentary Wine Tastings and Big Discounts on Wine Purchased with Visa Signature & Visa Infinite Credit Cards

Good news for Visa Signature & Visa Infinite card holders. If you’re traveling to Sonoma or Woodinville, over 100 wineries are offering unique savings and deals exclusively to wine travelers.

Benefits range from discounts on tasting room purchases, complimentary wine tastings, discounted reserve tastings and more. This is a big deal, considering that wine tasting and touring isn’t cheap. While Sonoma and Woodinville have yet to acquire the high price tags often associated with regions like Napa Valley, the Visa Signature benefits we discuss below are substantial regardless.

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We’ll discuss all of the Sonoma and Woodinville Visa Signature Credit Card benefits below, including some of the fine print you need to know.

Purchase One Wine Tasting, Receive Another On-the-House in Sonoma

Depending how serious of a wine traveler you are, we recommend not exceeding 4 winery visits in any given day (unless you’re an industry professional of course). That’s because if you push yourself past that, not only are you going to get pretty drunk, but you’re going to start spending more frivilously once you pass 4.

The good news is, if you plan to visit 4 wineries and purchase tastings on your Visa card, one quarter of your tastings are covered, which I know always makes me feel a lot better.


As it relates to Sonoma County, if you purchase 1 regular or “standard” tasting with a Visa Signature credit card (or Visa Infinite card), you’ll automatically receive 1 complimentary tasting valued at the same cost of your initial purchase or less.

Note that reservations are required to receive this benefit. All you need to do is show your Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card to the winery to receive your benefit(s).

Also note that you can only receive one complimentary tasting per winery per day. Currently, the offer is valid until December 31st, 2017 (we’ll update this article if the offer is extended or any terms change throughout the year).

We list out all participating wineries further on in this article, but please note that this list could change so it’s worthwhile calling individual wineries to confirm their participating before booking a tasting.

Savings and Complimentary Wine Tasting with the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card

Credit cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve (note the Visa Infinite designation) can save wine travelers a lot of money on tastings and wine in Sonoma.

Save Money with Visa Wine and Non-Wine Purchases at Wineries

In addition to free wine tastings, card holders can save a substantial bit of money should they decide to purchase bottles of wine at participating wineries, reserve tastings as well as on non-wine related items (such as food, souveniers, etc).

These discounts include, but are not neccesarily limited to:

  • Special pricing on non-wine purchases that exceed $50 (call wineries ahead of time to confirm specifics if applicable)
  • Varied discounts on bottles of wine purchased during same-day visits to a tasting room (Discount amount varies by winery)
  • Discounts on special tastings, tours reserve tastings and/or reserve tastings

Save at Over 60 Sonoma Wineries with a Visa Signature or Visa Infinite Credit Card

Visa Signature card holders can more often than not save a lot at any of the below wineries. Note that benefits are left to the discretion of individual wineries, so before planning a wine vacation around any of these wineries, it’s worth calling ahead to confirm the benefits. Click on any of the lists below to enlarge. 

Best Sonoma Visa Signature Wineries | Free Wine Tasting with Visa Signature Credit Cards

Visa Signature Sonoma Winery List

Best Sonoma Visa Signature Credit Card Wineries

 What Credit Cards are Visa Signature and Visa Infinite?

Most credit cards under Visa’s payment network that require a Good –> Excellent credit profile are Visa Signture or Visa Infinite designated credit cards. As long as your credit is in decent standing (learn how to check and improve your credit score here), there’s a good chance you’ll be approved for one of these cards.

Some of our favorites including the Chase Sapphire Reserve (Visa Infinite), the Chase Freedom (Signature), the Alaska Airlines Credit Card (Signature), and the Chase Sapphire Preferred (Signature).

Just ensure that the card you apply for says either Visa Signature or Visa Infinite on the bottom right, front-facing side of the card to be eligble for the benefits we discuss in this article.

Visa Signature Wine Tasting Discounts & Benefits

Relaxing after a long day of wine tasting in Sonoma County.

Receive Similar Benefits with the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature & Credit Card at Woodinville, Washington State Wineries

The party doesn’t stop in Sonoma. The Woodinville AVA, located in Washington State, is flush with fantastic Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and more. Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card holders can also save a ton of money as well as earn complimentary tastings at participating Woodinville Wineries. The best part? These benefits are actually better than what Sonoma wineries offer.

If you’re in Woodinville, be sure to simply SHOW your Alaska Airlines Visa Signature to any of the below participating wineries (over 40) and you’ll receive a free tasting. Pow.

Participating Woodinville Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Wineries:

Ancestry Cellars
Armstrong Family Winery (2 for 1 tasting only)
Auclair Winery (15% wine discount only)
Baer Winery (wine discount only-10% off 6 or more bottles)
Castillo de Feliciana
Chandler Reach Winery (wine discount only)
Columbia Winery
Convergence Zone Cellars
Fidelitas Wines (wine discount only)
Flying Dreams Winery
Gärd Vintners
Genoa Cellars
Goose Ridge Estates (wine discount only)
Gorman Winery (wine discount only)
Isenhower Cellars
Lachini Vineyards
Lauren Ashton Cellars
Market Vineyards
Matthews Winery
Tenor Wines
Michael Florentino Cellars
Otis Kenyon Wines
Page Cellars
Patterson Cellars (wine discount only)
Piccola Cellars
Pondera Winery
Silverlake Winery
Smasne Cellars
Sol Stone Wines (wine discount only)
Stevens Winery (wine discount only)
Torii Mor Winery
Two Vintners
Woodhouse Wine Estates

Additional Visa Signature Credit Card Wine Tasting Terms & Conditions

It’s worth noting some of the important terms and conditions as it relates to wine tasting with Visa Signature and Visa Infinite credit cards. Obey the rules, and you’ll save a lot of money.

  • Cardholders must be atleast 21 years old to be eligble for benefits
  • You may receive discounts on non-wine related purchases (confirm with wineries individually)
  • Discounts are 100% at the discretion of individual wineries
  • Complimentary tastings apply to 1 winery per day
  • No-refunds
  • Taxes, if applicable, must be paid by cardholder

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