The Generous Pour Capital Grille Summer Wine Event ReviewGenerous Pour Wine Event at Capital Grille

A few days ago, Capital Grille was kind enough to invite some of the Winederlusting team out to their Boca Raton location to explore The Generous Pour Summer Wine Event. They’ve been hosting the event for the past 8 years, and each year entails a different theme.

This year, all of the wines being featured have to do with wine making rebels, rule breakers and game changers. Immediately upon hearing this I knew we had to check the event out, as that’s who we are and those are the kinds of people we like to work with.

The Annual Summer Event Features Seven Revolutionary Wines

The Generous Pour Capital Grille Event ReviewIncluded in our invitation were 7 unique styles of wine from around the world. Each being featured for a different reason. We had the opportunity to taste California’s first single vineyard Chardonnay and the first winery to name a region, as well as a unique take on Pinot Grigio from an American winemaker in Northern Italy.

“This year, The Generous Pour collection pays tribute to the bold risks and strong decisions of the men and women who were not afraid to challenge the norm,” said George Miliotes, The Capital Grille’s Master Sommelier and one of only 230 in the world to have earned that prestigious title. “The rewards that come with their bold approach are an assortment of wines that have transformed the way wine is now viewed,” he added.

Generous Pour Review at the Capital GrilleThroughout the event and dinner, our awesome server, Nate Okai, suggested a number of fantastic pairings for each course. We were particularly fond of the steak selection, which Capital Grille expertly ages and prepares between 18-24 days prior to serving.

We were allowed to taste all 7 wines, and the pours were endless. After trying the first round of whites and reds, we quickly narrowed down what two styles we wanted to stick with for the rest of the night. While all of the wines were delicious, for the most part our group agreed that the Rutherford-borne Provenance Sauvignon Blanc and the Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz Blend would be our drinks of choice throughout the evening.

Discover the Wines

The Capital Grille produced a number of short videos showcasing the wines that will be featured during this years Generous Pour event. You can see a couple below, which discuss both Penfolds Shiraz, Stags’ Leap historic winery, and how it had such an influence on Napa Valley. So much of an influence in fact, that it had its own region named after it.

Click here to learn more about The Generous Pour, the wines, the concept and how to make a reservation.

Take a look at the 7 Generous Pour Wines below, through brief summaries provided by The Capital Grille:

  • Stags’ Leap, The Leap Cabernet Sauvignon. The Stags Leap region with its unique soil and climate became known for producing some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa. This wine was so fine that for the first time ever in California, a winery inspired the name of a growing region. This Cabernet Sauvignon, normally only available in the estate’s tasting room, pairs beautifully with our dry aged steak.

  • Lyric by Etude Pinot Noir.Produced by winemakers who, in 1982, had the rebellious determination to grow one of the world’s most unforgiving grapes.  At the same time, they were one of the first wineries to adapt their winemaking technique and philosophy to suit the land. Don’t miss what some consider the finest and truest expression of Santa Barbara Pinot Noir.

  • Beaulieu Vineyard, Tapestry Cabernet Blend. Bordeaux trained winemaker André Tchelistcheff came into Napa with a bold new approach, using radical fermentation techniques and pioneering the use of French oak barrels which resulted in California’s first “cult” Cabernet. Tapestry carries on these techniques in this classic Bordeaux blend.

  • Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz Blend. In 1951, the Penfolds Winery set out to create a world-class red to rival the best in Europe, forever changing the landscape of Australian wine. Enjoy Penfolds Bin 2, from the first winery to produce the Shiraz that made Australian Shiraz famous — and still remains the gold standard.

  • Chateau St. Jean, Robert Young Vineyard Chardonnay. Winemaker Richard Arrowood, who went on to become one of Sonoma’s most iconic vintners, did the unthinkable in 1975: produce a Chardonnay from a single vineyard. Enjoy this complex and classic descendant, a California Chardonnay from Margo Van Staaveren and the renowned Alexander Valley, throughout your meal.

  • Provenance Sauvignon Blanc. A gamble on growing white grapes in the traditionally red region of Rutherford, Calif., paid off big. The inaugural vintage minted Rutherford’s reputation for Sauvignon Blanc. Experience what is possibly the best expression of Sauvignon Blanc in the Napa Valley.

  • Stellina di Notte Pinot Grigio. This light and refreshing Pinot Grigio was born out of American innovation paired with centuries old tradition. Created in the foothills of the Italian Alps – home to the most famous Pinot Grigio in the world – this bright, lively white is classic in style, but modern in taste.

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